Can a Golf Lesson Make You Need a New Driver Loft

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Can a Golf Lesson Make You Need a New Driver Loft. Mark Crossfield AskGolfGuru answers more golfers questions this time talking how a lesson could make your golf driver need to be changed to a different loft to get the best results.

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davefiver says:

Thank you once again Mark :D

leep560 says:

watched this and read all the comment as had this problem myself,was happy
gaming a fitted 14 % sldr then had a couple of lessons ball was going into
orbit now playing a fitted 10.5 sldr as i am hitting up on the ball.

Gary Wickwire says:

I totally agree with this but my experience was the opposite. I was ready
to buy a totally new driver because I was hitting a lot of inconsistent
horrible shots. After a few lessons with my local pro and watching marks
vids, especially the “Lockey Flick” video I started seeing some really good
results. So I was able to save $ on not buying new driver and spend it
frivolously on other clubs I probably didn’t need lol

Thomas Barker says:

Mark, you are getting so interested in posting videos and content that you
aren’t even taking the time to read the questions. He didn’t ask you should
he change his loft based on swing changes he asked you would getting an
adjustable driver be a worthwhile investment. If people pay for your app
and take time to post shouldn’t you at least take time to read and
understand what they are asking? You obviously blew through several of
those one day as you are in same outfit, but come on man.. Get back to
quality content not volume!

Minkki82 says:

hey mark, make a video about being a good caddy please

mrlpjames says:

Couldn’t find an email address so thoughts I’d put it here….. What
training aids do you suggest or like. Sklz chipping eliminator, swing aid
analyser, weighted clubs ect.

Love the videos 

Realm Vortex says:

Hey mark I can’t afford your app for android and have a question about
spin… I’m a left handed golfer playing right and left at the moment but I
seem to have forward spin is that good or bad??? I’m asking because my role
is insane and have been able to beat some older golfer just by role

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