Can Team TaylorMade Tell if it's Forged or SIM Max? | TaylorMade Golf

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Our new SIM Max irons are engineered to sound and feel great at impact. With an improved SpeedBridge and new ECHO Damping system, they're the best-feeling game improvement iron we've ever designed. With such a sweet sound we were wondering if Tiger, Rory, Rahm, DJ, Collin and Matt could tell the difference in sound between Jason Day's P·760 gamers and SIM Max at impact, while blindfolded. Here's the results.


Daryl McIntosh says:

i have never seen Rory looking so small…the actual tournament broadcasts never show him beside other players…

Andrew Shelton says:

1:51 Colin gazing into the blade, sees Samurai warrior…..

Josh Brownell says:

I just got the Sim max irons and I love them

Go Pro says:

Tiger and Rahm like no thanks

Pure Golf Co. says:

Grab some PURE gear

RetroRepairs says:

in summary: none of them know what they're hearing.

Logan Easterling says:

2:02 When Rory seen how fat the sole was he was shocked.

LooseBolt says:

50 shades of Taylormade

LouKayne says:

The sim max is gross hahahah

saucy nonchalance says:

these taylor made boys are carrying the entire PGA tour

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