Can Team TaylorMade Tell if it's Forged or SIM Max? | TaylorMade Golf

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Daryl McIntosh says:

i have never seen Rory looking so small…the actual tournament broadcasts never show him beside other players…

Andrew Shelton says:

1:51 Colin gazing into the blade, sees Samurai warrior…..

Josh Brownell says:

I just got the Sim max irons and I love them

Go Pro says:

Tiger and Rahm like no thanks

Pure Golf Co. says:

Grab some PURE gear

RetroRepairs says:

in summary: none of them know what they're hearing.

Logan Easterling says:

2:02 When Rory seen how fat the sole was he was shocked.

LooseBolt says:

50 shades of Taylormade

LouKayne says:

The sim max is gross hahahah

saucy nonchalance says:

these taylor made boys are carrying the entire PGA tour

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