Can You Buy Longer Drives? | Golf Equipment Secrets

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Pablo Camacho says:

I’ll focus on improving my swing with my 10 years old Tylormade burner until I get consistent shots, tanks Clay

Pilgrim Golfer says:

Taking in consideration this information; how is Bryson De Chambeau managing to get the ridiculous distances he gets? For example a recent drive he did was said to be 412 yrds

Don't Waste My Time says:

Ping is amazing. Can't go wrong with it. Less yardage but accuracy and forgiveness is so crucial in my game. What can you ask for if you find fairway every time. And birdies are flying by more often for me. Love ping.

l m says:

I play the SIM2. It is 20 yards longer than any other driver. Mostly made of carbon & aluminum. Very fast driver.

Art Wakefield says:

Great video. I use a 4 year old Callaway I bought used. It was an upgrade from my 11 year old Strata driver. I did notice a difference because 1) – the Strata shaft was way whippier and 2) I started following and watching your videos. My average drive is currently at 197 (I'm 63). When I started it was 179. In my last 3 rounds I've hit 3 of the longest drives of my life (255,251,268). The newer equipment helps. Your videos and adopting your techniques help much more.

313keiko1 says:

Thanks clay you just saved me a fortune

Sergio Yturralde says:

Really enjoyed this break down. Great video!

Damon Katos says:

If you need to be fitted you pretty much have to buy a new one.
There are hardly any quantity of used clubs in my big city

Rocky Stellone says:

Its the person who used the equipment…not the equipment

trevandezz says:

ive been playing the OG nike sasquatch for sixteen years. i average about 290yards on the course and can easily hit 330 yard bombers with a little tailwind. just get fitted for a shaft/grip and youll be fine. at the end of the day all drivers are basically the same imo

Carlos Jimenez says:

Great video Clay. The length of shaft depends on the hosel angle. A longer shaft can rise the sole and toe; and at the same point heel down into the ground. This can lead to more slices and hooks. Changing the club head is more beneficial then extending the shaft length. 🏌️‍♂️⛳

J W says:

I’m a bogey golfer (>14 over near every round). Been watching your videos and taking it to the range. Last 2 rounds were +8, and +6. So, thank you! Going for a driver fitting I won in a couple weeks. I know I’ll get the most out of it now due to the swing changes I’ve learned through these videos!

Nick Bryan says:

He nailed it. If you’ve got a 460cc driver, that was made in the last 10-12 years, by a reputable brand, and has been fit to you then you’ve got something that is likely as competitive or as good as anything in the proshop.

David Pearson says:

I agree I played back in the 1990s and had a TM metal driver ( looks like a modern 3 wood now) I gave the game up for 30 years due to family reasons and my love for cricket I’m back playing now I have a Ping G400 Max I play on the same course I hit the ball in similar areas when hit out of the middle but off centre hits wow the TM would be nowhere near where the ball would be now I know I’m 55 not 25 but modern drivers are fantastic for off centre hits

Jason Velez says:

Excellent, segment Clay. It is typically not the hammer but how one wields the hammer. To continuously search for the magic combination of driver head, shaft, etc can be a maddening pursuit. I have fallen down this rabbit hole many times and pulled in by elaborate marketing versus working on my swing. Once I changed my focus and focused on speed training, fitness, and mobility I was able to swing a broomstick over 120mph. The driver brand didn’t matter as much. You nailed it when you mentioned getting fit. It will change your golfing life! 💪💪🔥🙌🙌

Rocka Boo says:

Old driver has taller face and sometimes easier to hit with. When I bought new driver with current technology (shorter face and move the weight somewhere else), I struggled with it and took a long process to negotiate with it. Once it's over, it hits great.

CRS says:

My golf partners both play Taylor Made & I play Ping. The difference(when hit well) is that the Taylor Mades get a few more yards but are often all over the place. Ping is few yards less usually but much straighter with less dispersion. Anecdotal but just my perception.

Gary Dinmore says:

Thanks for sharing. You would think that pga average driving stats over the years would tell the story on driver improvement. After all you have the best players in the world in that league. Little frustrating that those stats don’t display on a google search. I bet equipment manufacturers know.

Gee Foo says:

I love your instruction videos, BUT this one I can't agree with. I purchased a Graphic Design AD HD 6 and replaced the stock shaft and I got 15 extra yards and dispersion (most important to me) is amazing. Do you play a Stock Driver with a Stock Driver Shaft? Of course not and I promise you No One on the PGA or any Professional Tour does. I believe that the Shaft is the most important part of the club. But full disclosure I did get fitted before I spent a Ton of money of my Driver, but I am now shooting in the high 70s consistently. But different strokes for different folks, keep up the great videos

Scott Mackey says:

Also, the best way to get greater distance is NOT the club. More lessons and swing technique/improvement will add distance!

Scott Mackey says:

Great summary! Don’t believe all the hype from these manufacturers

Mindfulness_ Is_Freedom says:

Moral of the story. One cannot buy a good golf swing and as crazy as it sounds, what will increase distance and accuracy is focused practice 🙂

BlackWat3r GTR says:

So basically, pick a driver that you like the looks and feel of because they all perform about the same….

RiskNerd says:

Oh my! You provided massive affirmation to me for a transformation that I made in driving about 3-4 years ago. I never had any success with the "roll method" and found it to be very inconsistent and frustrating.

Keith L says:

Just about to go out this afternoon to get a new driver…. How timely!

Michael Ford says:

Ping must pay you to push their products. 😂 great show sir!

oliver mc elroy says:

Great tune up on your earlier efforts to explain this Clay. Then you clearly explained this too.
I have a 2 drivers Callaway XR16 (2017) and SIM2, a prize gift (2021) both the exact same shafts 60 gram stiff.
Both at 9 degrees , 2000 rpm , carry 230-250 yards.
There is not 5 yards in the 2 drivers. SIM2 appears easier to hit but just.
I have always refer any golfer doubting there driver to your first video.

Fluffyguy958 says:

I do know that if you have a better fit club, it can make your swing more confident thus causing you to swing harder and still hit your target.

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