CAN YOU BUY LONGER GOLF DRIVES the Best Drivers For The Money

Can you buy longer golf drives what are the best golf drivers for the money? Mark Crossfield and Coach Lockey take a close look at golf drivers from different price points stating from £20 all the way up to £700. When it comes to golf drives the coast of the modern golf clubs is often a point that needs to be considered as they seem to get more expensive year on year. In todays golf driver test we have drivers from Masters golf, Cleveland Golf, Titleist drivers and XXIO as we try to find out at what price do all these golf clubs start going the same distance. Finding what golf driver is best for your golf game is a tough choice in this day and age and hopefully this golf video will help you work out what you should spend on your golf clubs.

Let us know what driver you play and what did you spend on your last golf driver. also are you now hitting longer straighter golf drives because of the money you spent on the club or are you happy to just buy shinny new toys?

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10 thoughts on “CAN YOU BUY LONGER GOLF DRIVES the Best Drivers For The Money

  1. Bang for buck is the issue for most average golfers, not in the top echelon of players. Performance is important too, so the first on list I would consider is the Cleveland ( I own one). Price must vary so much in different markets , because in Oz, Mizuno and Ping cost as much as the other leading brands , or more! The Cleveland retails for $425Au ( mine was $345) the others even Cobra are near $700-800 Au.
    I think most buyers of the Cleveland do so via the internet golf shops, but you are right, they are not in local golf shops often.

  2. Another complicating factor if price/budget is an issue is whether buying used top of the line clubs is better than buying somewhat less expensive new clubs. I use the Callaway 816 Alpha DBD driver and fairways. They fit me well (after adjustments). I am way more consistent than with my old woods. They are also long hitting. I bought them used from Callaway pre-owned. in early 2020. I bought 2011 irons from Callaway in good condition (RAZR X Forged Cavity Back) about the same time and they are also WAY better than my old irons. I didn't know until later than they are the model Jim Furyk used to shoot 58. I did a lot of research before buying.

  3. I feel I am ahead in this area as I have a honma 450 that I paid $50 AUD at a garage sale for but as they bunch up in performance etc, it comes down to looks and brand preference for me. I have wanted a Taylormade driver for a long time so would just save up for one, cos they are cool!

  4. I would love to see yall test Maltby golf equipment, Golfworks brand. Forged great-looking irons/decent looking woods/milled putters at reasonable prices.

  5. Another great insight lessons v fitting., the industry is driven by 95% of golfers are chasing the holy grail. Unfortunately, it is not out there lessons lessons lessons

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