Can You Fix Your Own Golf Game

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Can You Fix Your Own Golf Game with Mark Crossfield PGA professional AskGolfGuru. Mark talks about how strike i so often not looked at in golf swing reviews and how you need to take strike as the 1st point of reference. Play your best golf with Marks easy and simple golf tips, drills and instructional videos.

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Henry Bojangles says:

I didn’t know you played golf Mark

Gary Jones says:

hi mark enjoyed the cardiff vlogs. and just wandered, after hearing rory
complaining that you should coach him, if you could do excactly that, he
is a decent player compared to a lot of us, but clearly has problems. maybe
doing videos on his progress would be very appealling to us. not sure of
his handicap. but set a target for rory to attain, your success would be
gaged by raymondos progress. also it was great to see lockie hit some
decent shots. keep em coming please

Lethal Lee says:

Thank you Mark. I’ve been concentrating purely on striking it out of the
centre for about 6 weeks now and I’ve dropped 4 strokes off my handicap. I
can feel now where I’m hitting it on the face, and the effect that that is
having. It’s revolutionised my game. Hitting more greens and fairways than
ever. Thanks again. 

06aikens says:

Found this interesting, been hitting it out the heel a lot in the past week
or so and been hitting pushes the whole time. Will try and work on my
strike to change direction rather than path!

L Ting says:

Mark, I am more inclined to think that he hit it with a slight open club
face. How do you determine that this is a heel short?

sanityd1 says:

Haha no this is the answer I want to hear.

mick mueller says:

Thanks Mark. I am working with my son right now with his driver. His
biggest problem is trying to hit his driver like an iron.

graham stirrst says:

Hi mark.. I do agree with you, had a lesson recently were my swing plane
was perfect but hitting it out of heel causing the ball to go right.
Delivery with irons were ok but with driver the ball flight big slice.
Going to work on the strike. 

spud_.308 says:

Marks ‘effective’ sweetspot = a 1¢. Most golfers = ½£ :(

Carlos Baez says:

With what club do you suggest to practice strike?

Matt Edwards says:

“Great explanation – really nicely done.

(Vs the Facebook posts this is a world apart, imho)

TexasTalk1846 says:

He looks like he’s swing the club with all his strength. Trying to hit the
ball from the chest down and thru (rather than waist down and thru). Think
of swinging on a playground swing and how that works. Strike is very
important though, like you said. He needs to understand the golf swing
better, so he can then start to strike the ball better.

Joseph Cirigliano says:

What are some drills for increasing strike pattern?

Carl ermno says:

I do tend to hit most my strikes out the heel and get a dead straight shot
I know if I do get my strike out of the Middle I get my desired draw so I
will take this on board and practise more on strike next time I’m at the

Steve R says:

I would blame his volt coloured driver personally

Matthew Collins says:

Clearly his weight goes on toes. Keep weight heel to heel. I don’t see why
you can’t see what’s wrong, it stands out. Posture doesn’t look great

Dtyler171 says:

Of course you can. I went from a 20 handicap to a 3 in a year without a
lesson. The trick? 100s of range balls and 10+ rounds every week. Lol

Seriously though, don’t be afraid to challenge yourself. If you’re
confident, play hard courses and hard tees. Don’t let people discourage you
from doing so, it will improve your game. That doesn’t mean you should play
a 150 slope course from the tips as a 30 handicap….just be reasonable
about it and don’t hold up other golfers!

The other huge thing is focus on the strike, just like Mark is saying. It
will vastly improve your game.

Brian Devitt says:

Poor posture, looks like he is about to take a dump. Early extension to
shallow the club and a toe hit. Can’t say from the video but his path might
be too rightward. 

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