Carnoustie Golf Links Part 2

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Carnoustie Golf Links Part 2
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Rick Shiels Senior PGA Golf Coach at Trafford Golf Centre plays against Peter Finch
at Carnoustie Golf Links in Scotland



Brandon Skabo says:

If you guys are having problems slicing the ball check out mark crossfields
video on it. I went out and hit 3 balls right after I watched the video and
2 went dead straight and 1 had a nice little draw on it. It really helps. 

Hugo B says:

Peter pulled it on the last putt ! I think it was straight

John Brackenbury says:

Loving this great way of seeing different courses.More please

Antony Gwynne says:

You should get over to southport an play hillside, s&a royal birkdale as
there all quality links golf!!! Quality vlog lads keep up the good work!!!!

Mega Stout says:

Carnoustie in the setting sun, what more could a golfer want? Thank you
for the video. Looking forward to the next two.

Steven Hook says:

Wow!! That course

Matthew Collins says:

U need some characters. Pinch Coach Lockey

fullwerkes says:

Its not the same if Rick doesn’t almost stack it 🙂

Loving the vlogs and all the new content!

Rick Shiels PGA says:

The Incredible Carnoustie Golf Links Part 2 with Peter Finch @PFGolfPro

P-M Meiners says:

Again a great one. Why did you guys not play the course during the day? Why
2 awsome courses on 1 day? 

redlinejcw says:

Great VLOG. Amazing course. 

Ian Hackett says:

Nice guys, looking forward to part 3.

philip3r says:

wonderful part 2, can’t wait for part 3

Rohan Lelliott says:

What a course…love it.

Zachary Rich says:

I’m guessing the treats are cigars

Go Hawks says:

wont it get dark?

51Dss says:

cool vid – thinking back to your first hole (in part 1) why was that flag
stick so tall? Might have been interesting to see you guys do a Caber toss
with it! Now that would be entertaining…you put on your kilts gulp down
some lager…toss the caber!

robbie966 says:

Great video as always Rick…

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