Celtic Manor 2010 Ryder Cup Match Part 2

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Celtic Manor 2010 Ryder Cup Match Part 2, this is the second part of the epic struggle between team Blockey and Partfield and Buzzman and #brick. Playing the 2010 Ryder Cup venue at Celtic Manor Resort see how much water the guys will find in this 2nd part golf match. Will #Blockey hit a fairway and can Buzza #holesomething. Play your best golf and have fun at the same time.


Matt Caldwell says:

Mark, Would you ever consider doing a Q and A about yourself and not
necessarily about golf? To let your viewers and fans know more about
yourself ­čÖé ´╗┐

benjo33682 says:

Lockey is like a special little brother you take on a outing. Has a few
shots, gets to ride in a buggy and happily chomps away on his packed lunch.
#blockey ´╗┐

Golfguy076 says:

When Mark’s putt toppled in a part of me died´╗┐

Golfguy076 says:

“Trent’s brought clubs that’s cute.”´╗┐

Vincent Sandford says:

Buzzman┬┤s divots seem to point to the left. Surely he needs to get the club
head square to the ball and focus on getting divots parallel to the
target. Am I right or am I missing something?´╗┐

Dustin P. says:

Poor Trent. Only Rory can hit where Trent goes and make par. The
YourGolfTravel yips.´╗┐

Craig Toghill says:


37zmanlake says:

Yes I just gave a PGA professional a tip´╗┐

Michaud Venant says:

but coach #blockey verbally body checks Mark at every turn ­čÖé he gives as
good as he gets ;D beautiful course with more freaky holes! I want some of

Daniel TheGolfShagger says:

Say what you will about Trent #Brick and his strange swing/waggle. He has
no issues dropping 6 foot putts.´╗┐

Johan Klarin says:

Comedy gold: “when you’re quiet”, “prawn cocktail”, Steve’s splashes.
Awesome. I’ve missed you too +Coach Lockey ´╗┐



Darren Cornwell says:

Mark and locky what a top and funny team ´╗┐

Enough Ethan says:

Lockey is awesome, great sportsmenship´╗┐

EssHighlightReel says:

Hi Mark, just recently bought a five wood over a three wood. For me that
was the best thing so thank you for getting me into that.´╗┐

Paul Booij says:

3:46, 7 Iron LIAR Mark, OH i hit an 8 and it went long. just so you could
say you hit farther then the Lock when you were hitting it easy. Ha ha
caught you. Love your vids keep it up.´╗┐

Ken Battaglia says:

#Blockey has skill. At 20:00 after he tees off his tee sticks perfectly
into the ground. I am very impressed. LOL ´╗┐

James Heaton says:


Christopher Stevens says:

What’s happened to buzzas game? ´╗┐

Go Hawks says:

158 8 iron? lol thats a pw´╗┐

Jackson La says:

#blockeystripshow Every hole, he strips of at least one article of
clothing, I swear´╗┐

L Hilldo says:

“Good shot Trent, #Prick ” hahaha. Honestly thought that’s what you said
until Matt mentioned it. ´╗┐

crisisofconsciousnes says:

Gotta say that MARK’s strength is clearly his balance… ´╗┐

Nicholas Ramos says:

come on Crossfield, you should have had Brick on your team. Lame.´╗┐

tom griffin says:

Hi Mark, just wondered how long it takes you guys to do a round? With
buggies and picking up, you must fly round! ´╗┐

Gino Lopriore says:

“any ball I lose a hole on is silly”´╗┐

Ian Macwhinnie says:

Alright bogeyfield, Trent here. You couldn’t draw straws you absolute
chief. Bit left was it? Open your stance up buh. Cheers´╗┐

Dean Martin says:

Biggest divot hat competition?.´╗┐

Fn3Putt says:

hahaha i love buzza water shots mark says “get the zoom” hahahahah so

mchaggis1994 says:

#Blockey looks like Joel Zimmerman (deadmau5)´╗┐

Zuher Ladak says:

Lockey is quick witted, understated and very amusing as a commentator´╗┐

xLightssOUTx says:

With a swing like that how is trent off 16?!?!?!´╗┐

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