CGSMA Caddie Training Video

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Ahmed Rony says:

I learned a lot from this video. Hopefully the video will be of great benefit to me.

RK831 says:

Caddie Peter has an annoying Noo Yawk accent.

treke08 says:

I caddied one summer when I was a kid and spent all my earnings on clubhouse cheeseburgers.

Brandon from Kentucky says:

I am going to be a caddie for the Pro am at the Barbasol championship #PGA watching for tips.

SodyxGr8Oc says:

he look like Lil Durk

Joshua Landers says:

Attending orientation in Texas end of month. Looking fwd to becoming a caddy

Nike Adidas says:

Can I be a caddie at age 13 ?

Joey hills says:

First day tmrw wish me luck

Wayne Lawson says:

Denzel Washington @ 9:50.

John Kashur says:

grandpa was dropping dimes out there with his putter

punks not dead says:

Bluestone drains it 18:06

Scotte5000 says:

This old caddie is an ass

JAGS 214 says:

Cant believe i really watched this whole video and i dont even plan on becoming a caddie. Just wanted to study proper etiquette on the GC as a player.

Michael Parrish says:

Someone should teach Peter how to rake a bunker, what’s with all the rake marks?? Also what’s up with the Black dudes golf bag- Nike cart bag that looks like it weighs 50 lbs??? I don’t know about anyone else, but it’s unnecessary for an amateur golfer at a private course where there is double bagging goin on. It shows me he’s inconsiderate towards the Caddie and I have a hard time giving him 5 star service. Looks like he’ll be just missing the hole all day!!!! “All contingent on your speed sir” classic Caddie bailout!! Great read Peter 3 balls left to right????

YourNameHere says:

Helpful video for caddies, but those golf swings are disgusting! Also, you should ALWAYS rake out, making sure to push the sand forward as you rake. it prevents there from being those rake marks and piles of sand

John Grabowski says:

Love dat accent from dat oldah cahddie…

Roc q says:

Nice video quality. Is there a second video?

Daniel Kohner says:

Ok answer me this, it states to stay ahead of your golfer when walking to the ball. If you are busy replacing divots and cleaning clubs, how can you expect to stay in front? The video showed the golfers going ahead when the caddies were replacing divots and cleaning clubs.

Marlena Hardy says:

what if its in the water hazard?

Brady Potter says:

Mr. Bluestone knows where its at with the Taylormade's

paradise Green says:

Great video!! Thanks for sharing!!

Jess Davie says:

Kevin is such a good bloke

Steven Hogan says:

Why so many Pokes are Pros ?  Cause they chose good caddies.

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