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This weeks swing analysis helps to change your swing path to stop swinging the club in to out


COMMENT below to let us know what you need help with, or what type of video you'd like to see next!

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Robin says:

Question on path? What do people mean when the say they drop into the inside on the downswing? Is this a complicated move?

Craig Stewart says:

I think learners would just want to hear how to do it correctly- not an analysis of all the things that are going wrong.

Marcelo Ortega says:

I know this is an old video, but I would really love a swing analysis. I am a high handicap golfer with a decent swing, but I really struggle with consistency and swing path. Would really appreciate the feedback!

sawy78 says:

Proper golf swings are about learning how and why they are carried out and those things are evident in golf swing secrets. I have read the book twice and realized Fifteen yards more on all irons, 25 more on my driver. Because of these developments, I`m much more confident and I am having more fun with golfing. I found this book by Google. Name is Logan Ballοyshot
Good luck

Jackson Tait says:

Hitting a hook tried many drills but can’t change

Terri Strong says:

I am just starting out and need help with the hip rotation and swing follow through. I am tempted to move my head too quickly because I want to see where the ball goes. Please have a lesson on the head positioning and movement.

Bryce Lyt says:

Beautiful watches gentlemen. AP FTW.

Joe Nicholson says:

I need the swing analysis to help get me to the next level. Still a beginner yet to get a handicap but playing under 100. Want to be breaking 90 by next year. This would help me find more fairways and hit the green in regulation more often!!

Khanh Ngo says:

Hello Piers and Andy,

Again great video. I have been watching your channel for more than 2 years now and have learned a lot from your awesome videos. However, even though my strikes seem to get better, longer, i.e. I started with 140yds for 7i, now the same club sends the ball 165yds long, I still get 100+ every round. One of the main reason is that I am consistently inconsistent. I hit left, I hit right, I hit high, i hit low, I hit far, I hit short, I hit the ball first, I hit the ground first, and i cannot plan my shot accordingly to my mistakes because they are all over the place. Especially with chip and pitch shots. So if you guys can give me a swing analysis, that would mean a world to me.

Please let me know when I get one.

Many Thanks.

Khanh from Vietnam.

Nathan Beattie says:

Hello! I would love a swing analysis because I am a beginner player just trying to get started on the right foot. I have been watching your videos for a couple of months now. After filing myself I have determined that I am definitely early releasing. I know I developed this because I struggle with open face but have adjusted my grip and my face has improved. I could definitely use some help with my early release! Thank you guys!

Hendrik Janse van Rensburg says:

Spend thousand dollar on custom clubs!! Need swing analysis before I sell them!! Help me please

George Prendergast says:

I'm 12 years old I am able to hit my driver and 3 wood a good distance but I just can't strike them properly please can I have a swing analysis so i can get a few pointers.

Border Ranch Records SoCal says:

I would appreciate the swing analysis because I’ve been golfing for 30 some years and I’m starting to believe I’ll never realize my potential. Been pretty much a bogey golfer most of my golf career, but just this year I’ve improved my index from 17.2 to 13.8. Even with the improvement, I still only hit about 20% of greens and 30% of fairways. Most of my improvement has come from better course management and playing smarter. I can carry my driver in the 250s, but my iron distance doesn’t seem to match up. 150 is about all I get out of my 7 iron. Help! #questforsingledigits

Damien Forrest says:

I've been playing golf for 30 plus years. off 8
.last couple of years I can't stop hitting driver left..either a hook or pull…i live in country South Australia and do not have access to Professional for lessons. guys could really help me enjoy the game again

Ayaan Ahmad says:

I'm a junior golfer and I need this

Brett Thompson says:

Any tips on early release and combatting it? Possibly a drill or two to try would be great 👍

sean foster says:

I'm just stuck in a rut at the moment and really need my swing looked at to get me out of the rut jus suffering with a fade that turns in to a slice…..if I could control my club face it will help a lot an you guys are my answer

Q says:

I need this because I seem to be getting upper mid back pain after some sessions. Any suggestions to eliminate or avoid getting back pain ?

Roger Scheuermann says:

I have a decent game (14) but I am inconsistent. I have plenty of distance, need more accuracy with irons but chipping is killing me. Decent putter. So I would love to have an opportunity for 8 weeks of knowledgeable professional instruction. I would even be willing to come to you for several of the final weeks so we could work together in person on a daily basis. I would work hard if chosen for this endeavor. Willing to put in the time. Please consider me as a potential student, success is my goal. I love your videos,
Great stuff, keep up the good work.


Thanks a lot guys !

danxoh says:

Hi Piers and Andy,

Thanks for the great videos. As golfers, we spend a lot of time practicing/playing at the range/course. However, do y’all follow any golf specific workout programs inside the gym to keep your bodies conditioned for the course and fit overall. Would love to see an “in the gym” segment. Keep up the great content.


Sween Bean says:

Stop wearing the same outfits!!!

Duncan Sheffield says:

I need this I am 19 handicap please please help I had 10 lessons but need more some help love your YouTube channel 👍

Michael F says:

I am an 18 handicap and my miss is hitting behind the ball but I can't figure out if its a path or sway issue. Thanks!

Michael Ross says:

Just bought new clubs. Would love a swing analysis so that i have a focus for when trying them. 10 handicap and really want that extra push ro get into single figures.

Simon Zheng says:

I’m trying to get more body rotation but I end up getting an early extension and loss of consistency with blocks or slices. I need help !

Kevin Jones says:

I would really like a swing analysis on my driver swing. I feel that I can be really inconsistent with hooks draws faded and slices and even some straight ones. As usual great videos! Thanks

Tim O'Hagan says:

Gents, I am just so inconsistent. I feel like I am on the cusp of really dialing in the swing, but just can't trust the feel and the swing… 82 one day, 92 the next, which is just frustrating.. Love your work boys!!!

justin morphew says:

Hey guys, late last year I was a 12 handicap but I broke my hand during that year and felt like I haven't been able to get back to that form, plz help so I can go back to embarrassing my brother on the course thanks!

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