Charles Barkley golf swing montage

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Matt Williams says:

I’ve seen Barkley take a full, smooth swing. He’s just trolling us for

Foursum Golf says:

It’s Charles Barkley’s birthday… of course we’re going to post a video of
him swinging.

Ryan Birch says:

Man! People are brave standing around the tee box with that going on…!!!

Jeff S says:

he just wants attention. no one has a swing that goofy

HooverGaming91 says:

what the actual fuck

Prentiss Jones says:

It’s like he’s having a stroke midway through lol .

bigdroz1982 says:

I think he time travels to his previous life when he had polio whenever he
swings a golf club due to the friction of the air combined with the
futuristic materials used in the manufacturing of the club; someone needs
to study this post haste because I want to travel to my previous life where
I owned a dinosaur

Chewy V says:

He looks like he’s having a seizure maybe he’s just having a seizure every
time he swings a golf club

dbossmx says:

The thing I love most about Sir Charles is he doesn’t give a peep about
what people think about him. He is who he is. I tell you if I had a swing
like that I would not show it publicly. He just laughs it off and has fun
with it.

RonaldReaganRocks1 says:

Charles looks a little hesitant in his swing. 

Kyle Helmke says:

worst swing in the history of golf… 

Red Card says:

This is actually pretty funny

Watch Doge says:

It’s like chuck hayes’ freethrow.

KingTut says:

ROFL!!! Why does he stop midway through his swing?

theallseeingmaster says:

I detect a slight hitch in hes otherwise smooth swing.

Jaks2much says:

DA FUQ? LMAO Its like he gets a fuckin’ stroke mid way thru Hahahaha

hodell82 says:

There’s a swing in that flaw.

bigdroz1982 says:

the best is after saying “god damn it!” a bunch of times he catches himself
and says ” god……. bless me!” and you hear someone say “someone has to”. too

neaAkuma says:

He’s pump faking

suremaine says:

I cried laughing lol

Gordontrek says:

Crazeh knucklehead-a turble!

RonaldReaganRocks1 says:

Charles’s handicap is his swing. 

Noyore says:

holy shit when he hit that guy with the tee!

Davide Beretta says:

This reminds me of Chuck Hayes free throws

bryanna sebring says:

he has some kind of metal block that is keeping him from swinging 

mt12450 says:

5:07 his knees r shaking like a baby giraffe LMAO!!!!

Paul Ryan says:

God Damn It!

Vic K says:

4:22 kenny smith is trying to be gangster and a stereotype with those huge
clothes that clearly don’t fit him…

fixgear23 says:

Thank you so much for this. Made me laugh so freakin hard. Love it

bdf says:

He pulled the parking brake.

Mateo Vergara says:

He still loves doing pump fakes 

John Forbes says:

Big mIke’s Golf Lesson’s… charge

Cedric Ma says:

its a pump fake

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