Charlie and Tiger at the Bridgestone Invitational

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After winning the 2013 World Golf Championships – Bridgestone Invitational, Tiger Woods shares a moment with his son Charlie.

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Patrick Smith says:

When tiger wins 18 majors and 19 runners up spots and over 50 top five finishes maybe then he can lace up jacks golf shoes !!!

Onyxsolo says:

Both Tiger and Jack are probably at the top of their generations in play.  But you'll never know who;s better until you see them play head to head.  The best you can do is compare them at where they were in this stage of their career. At age 38 they both had the same amount of majors.  Beyond that is a complex of other stats that factor in they to me are just peoples opinions on what makes one better than the other.

reggmeister23 says:

@martybum100291; and once he passes that mark, like even jack believes he will, then you will come up with another excuse right?

MardyBum100291 says:

What do you mean once he passes Snead's record it's justified? Justifying it would be winning the majors, end of. I hate people who think it should be Woods' title to be the greatest ever. It isn't. Woods beat great fields but it's hardly like Nicklaus didn't win against a load of nobodies. Nicklaus is the greatest ever, end of discussion. Majors are majors.

MrJ20091 says:

a very human side? wtf,

cheechvda says:

You sick animal

reggmeister23 says:

Jack Nicklaus was great but tiger is the greatest golfer ever. Once he passes Sam sneed for most tour wins, it will be justified. Comparing jack Nicklaus to tiger is like comparing bill Russell to Michael jordan. Even if tiger never passes jack in majors, his sheer talent and level of dominance of the game will always solidify his spot as the best. But I do see him breaking both sneed and Nicklaus records which will Justus him way over the top as the greatest ever.

mike mattaponi says:

Um…that kid is going to catch herpes from that guy.

allaboutthepump says:

aaaaah…I for one think so much more of woods now he has gone through what he has gone through…he is not some kid anymore…good luck to him and his kids

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