Charlie Brooke: Back Squats 130lbs x 5 reps

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Charlie Woods says:

Hey Erin, not a stupid question. I don't currently do any cardio.

Erin Beth says:

Stupid question… how much cardio do you typically do? I've been following your progress and getting into lifting myself and just wanted to hear your thoughts on your diet/what you do for cardio. Either way, you're inspiring to women, thank you!

Charlie Woods says:

SHUT UP! That's beyond awesome!!!

Cas Schiller says:

His 'biolayne' youtube channel has this video liked 6 days ago. 😀

Cas Schiller says:

Layne Norton brought me here.

Evan says:

do you even lift?

tywall3 says:

I'd say this is fair proof that squats do a body good!

SmexyPC says:

too easy you had so much more

Charlie Woods says:

3rd rep was shallow sorry bout it

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