Charlie Brooke Deadlifts 200lbs

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Deadlifting 200lbs for 1 rep at 112lbs body weight.
It’s not pretty, but I was not going to NOT get this off the ground 🙂
Took me forever to hit 200, but I had a little bit of a hip issue after my meet and haven’t been focusing on powerlifting since I’m hoping to compete in a Figure show next summer. I’m just happy I finally got it. Kinda weird I ended up almost the exact same thing I wore when I pulled 195lbs.


Mind Made Designs - DIY says:

Girl Powerrrrrrrrr 😛

Ellia Ivy McLeod says:

Just a little shaky.

Rafael Paredes says:

Good job! As the poster above I also blew my back some time ago. Keep liftin CB! (_Oro from iG)


Good job cb! Sad that I blew my back out Tuesday night on 185 pound deadlifts

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