Charlie Brooke Squat Day 3.13.14

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200lbs for a single, followed by 210lbs. Both beltless squat PR's.
Singles followed by 135 for 4 sets of 10 reps, and then some paused squats with 105lbs and 100lbs. I believe the last set shown is with 100lbs.

I didn't like the set up for 210, but overall it wasn't bad. You can tell with set of 135 I do after that I'm getting tired as I'm not going as deep and I'm also not sitting as upright as I'd like to be. But not a bad day at all!!


Jakob says:

very strong squats! I'm wondering about the butt-wink at the set with 135, is that ok? I do that too and my lower lumbar spine feels a bit strange.

yahya zalloum says:

You're the definition of perfection!!!!

Mark Macqueen says:

love that grind!! good job

touchmyfanny says:

Pete rubish approved

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