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► Neil Tappin tests two of the cheapest balls he could find against a premium ball to see what the differences are!

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Matjaz Krizaj says:

I used to shoot very spinny pulls to the left. These were the times that i got angry when i spinned the ball. I played every ball there is (Top Flite Titanium comes to mind) and I noticed that I can spin any golf ball. Since then I significantly changed my swing. So now, with the shallower swing I can see the difference in spin between the premium and a cheap golf ball. But guys…I know from my expirience that you can spin any ball. You just need the proper tehnique.

Archekrahe says:

I hate golf

Fred B says:

Worthless test. If it's not a true blind test, the bias factor will always be present.

Sir CiderChops says:

Lovely looking golf course – where is this?

mp says:

As soon as I´m consistantly breaking 100 I´m starting to think about "balls" … but now, sorry, doesn´t make any sense to pay 3.99+ to hit it into the next lake … (usually I´m using lakeballs – to keep the balance … 😉

TheDannyCPFC says:

Insesis though 😳

Roger Tonic says:

Yeah, you could use the inesis 900 tour, for same control as the premium balls, but still at half the price.

Hoa Tattis says:

bloody hell Hazardous smoke shaft something something head Nicklaus in 1970s MacGregor Persimmon woods 18 majors Hell I know what I will choose

Lloyd Williams says:

Inesis like Vice also makes low priced premium balls.

John Herman says:

I play the srixon z star for the price I believe it’s a good ball. I’m a mid handicapper with a club head speed around a hundred to me it doesn’t pay for me to use prov1 golf balls. Thanks

GOLF - Dream vs Reality says:

Cheap balls are definitely worth using if you are new to golf and loose loads.

LabGorilla says:

I go to the course and buy rescue golf balls. Pay £1 for 3 Srixon soft feel or ad333 balls. I’ve even sometimes managed to get a Srixon z star. Never ever buy brand new.

Macky Mode says:

Maxfli made the best balata cover balls ever, sadly I wasn't good enough of a player to take advantage of it much
I stopped playing golf 20 years ago actually, do they still have balata cover balls?

Mike Bordonaro says:

I miss the Slazenger RAW distance. Loved that ball and can't get it in the states anymore. Used to be $20US for 2 dozen and they flew great.

Walter White says:

I'm about a 10 handicapper with a few games finishing about 78 to 80 at times. I did an experiment with…. melted balls. I bought 50 used balls; most of them dirty. I wanted to clean them so I put them in a pot with very low heat. My goal was warm water for a few minutes. I forgot about them, and came back to a raging boil 30 minutes later. Many destroyed, but most were distorted e.g. dimples raised and some balls nearly ping pong-esque. Funny story I know.

I took them to the course. Most of them flew nearly as straight with about a 10 yard drop in distance. The point being, is that your average joe will NEVER revolutionize their game with an expensive ball. Find a ball whose feel you like and play it. Don't be afraid of used balls. Invest your money into lessons and course time.

Jim Pickard says:

Shout out from me for the Slazenger V300 Soft….. cheap as chips and lovely soft feel .. try some they're great.

johnnyboy2459 says:

Should have tried the Slazenger Soft balls too

Steve Riggs Art and Animation says:

I use the Slazenger V300 Soft ball. £18 for 48 balls. Yes, I would love to play a premium ball and do if I find one on the course. I am used to the ball I play and my game has adjusted to take this into account. I wish you had added the V300 soft into the equation.

Budi Mulyo says:

compare it with the "corona ball" on youtube….. 🙂

Piano Fry says:

I like Pinnacle. I think they are on the line between cheap and good. I think those Nitros you can buy from Walmart are kind of crap but most others are the same.

v4o82 says:

You can tell the Slazenger would be low spin, it's dimples were shallow.

Christopher Izquierdo says:

I play off 8 and can use any ball. Makes no difference to my score. Don’t get bogged down in this shit 👍

Stan yo bro says:

I use whatever my dog brings to me. Just as long as it hasn't been chewed too much.

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