Cheapest Golf Ball at Walmart (Nitro Golf Ball Review)

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We headed out to America's favorite local golf store to support local…. Nope we went out to Walmart to find the cheapest golf ball and test it out. In this Nitro golf ball review we test distance, spin and feel. After that we compare the Nitro golf ball against a premium golf ball (Srixon Z Star).

This might be the ultimate cheap vs expensive golf ball challenge. I was curious to see if a cheap golf ball really makes a difference in scoring. Sure the Walmart golf ball is not going to spin or feel as good as the Srixon but will impact the score? To find out we played 3 holes of match play to get some in depth Nitro ball testing.

Based on our golf ball review was the Nitro the best distance golf ball of 2019, the best cheap golf ball of 2019, or was it total p@@p? Find out!

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docv73 says:

No launch monitor? Walmart budget? Yet you say it's not scientific… HA! You tested it in the same conditions most of us live and play. It's the most scientific test I've found on YouTube. 🙂

Lucas Smith says:

I use the nitros and I’m a beginner only been playing bout 4 months but I buy nitros also only 13

Trent Dennis says:


Anthony Metro says:

I have used nitros and I do like then , you can't beat the price

CallMeFrog 7 says:

Is that the worlds greatest putter lurking behind you at Walmart? 😆

Ronnie Pecoraro says:

Is this the first video ever? Trying to watch them all!!! And see how things have changed lol

Charles Hendrick says:

Your voice sounds just like Ilan Mitchell Smith from the movie “Weird Science”.

Mack Langen says:

are you using are Aeroburner driver in this vid?

Windy says:

Got some Nitros at walmart (45 for $20)

Ian VanDyke says:

I dont got a launch monitor I got a Walmart budget lol. I feel it dude

Tyler Joseph Schommer says:

I bought some tees there because I needed some tall ones. Also, Nitro is the brand of clubs WalMart sells. I bought some orange ones at Dunham's Sports except they were actually in 3 pack sleeves

#AbovetheEarth says:

Do you ever fix divots??

Dave White says:

Hope this is good. Just bought my 6 y/o a box of red nitros. He loves red

Mike Ogle says:

I have used the Nitros for the last two years and I have dropped my score by 5 strokes in the last year. I love these things!

Molon Labe says:

Gloves, tees and Pinnacle golf balls. The original Pinnacle Exception was hard to beat at any price…the poor man's Pro-V.

wrestlmaniarocks says:

I bought my first golf gloves from walmart (till they broke because i had the wrong size) and just recently bought a pack of recycled chrome soft truvis balls for like $25 bucks Canadian (regular price $70 in Canada)

Paul Aytona says:

No Ashley on this episode? I just watched this today.

DrxppyFPS says:

Sounds like you could be chrisfix brother😂 great video

Martin Cooper says:

I hit NITRO, and play it until I lose it, I don't stop playing it for a few scuff marks, they hold the green just as good as a ProV1, they really check up, and putts real good. When I find a ProV1, I give it to my playing partner, for $5.99 a dozen, and checks up just as good as a ProV1, and way further off the tee. How can you lose? I've won in Tournaments, NITRO. If you are a Senior, or low clubhead speed, get NITRO. If you are a bomber, then go PROV1, but test it, you might be surprised, PRIDE will cost you $60 a dozen, but MEEKNESS will cost you only $6.00 a dozen, and just as good or better game.

Phidip says:

The biggest problem with Nitros is that they scuff easily. A new ball will last you only about three holes before it's too scuffed to keep using. While you save money up front, the savings is not as great once you realize you might be going through 3-4 of them per nine holes.

Tim Hoog says:

I shoot nitros so I don't feel bad when I put them in the creek that meanders through the course. I have used "fancy" balls and immediately lost them, so as a duffer, I don't need $30+ balls to have fun.

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