Chesson Hadley's caddie falls and bends putter at Wells Fargo

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In the opening round of the 2014 Wells Fargo Championship, Chesson Hadley is able to make birdie after his caddie fell and bent his putter on the par-5 10th hole. .

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David James says:

I know a golfer that became a chef. He developed a wicked slice.

David Gagnon says:

That Clumsy Fugg Should be Doxd 15% of his 10% for his clumsy fuggery!!!

tigerwoods232000 says:

He should be thankful he’s not caddying for Shooter McGavin

Paul Hilliard says:

I admire how his first concern was for his caddie and not his clubs, that's involuntary and says alot about his character?

Caleb Mashburn says:

Hahahahah that trip was hilarious.

Tyler Hensley says:

Does it have to much loft? What club did he think he was using?

WildlifeObsessed says:

"Tripped-over a spectator rope…. ".

No he did not.

It was a curb onto the cart path and a very badly disguised one at that.

HamQM says:

Wells Fargo? More like Bent Fargo

Harry Sachs says:

Is that the white hot putter? I play with the same exact one and it never bent out of shape even after accidentally stepping on it. Anyway, I feel like caddies should carry a back-up putter at all times. It’s not like an iron where if the 9 iron gets bent out of shape, pros know how to hit the 8 iron like a 9.

Totalavulsion says:

Commentators stating the obvious as per

Jim Danielson says:

I thought this was about that dbag Tyrrel Haddon


Kevin na was in the group and you can see him coming over complaining about them taking too long with the ruling – he's saying "come on guys why are you taking so long, come on"…

duckncover182 says:

Man I would feel so bad if it affected his round. Caddies got a hard job lol

Kirk Meyers says:

The description just sounds funny to me 🙂

yoniburack says:

sucks caddy will almost for sure be fired for that

kime hunt says:

The official told him "You can keep using the putter but don't ever wear those pants again"

Hellobob58 says:

Like a viet cong trip wire

David James says:

Look at the lady at the far right at 0:29 put her hands on her face, likely in reaction to the fall.

David James says:

oh my, any damage to the gallery rope?

bernadette says:


davidshi123 says:

What is the point of having a rope barricade 5 inches off the ground???  That is just stupid.  There's no other point of that rope than to trip people.

OakleyDoakley says:

I laughed when his caddy fell, I am an evil person.  Caught me off guard

BachEternal says:

How considerate of everyone to rush over to help the caddie. Even Hadley appeared to just be strolling over there taking his time, but at least he went to help. As for the others. What, you can't freakin' be bothered?

Fish Fisherson says:

just have to survive till morning for a new putter and caddy!

nate379 says:

Odd looking bank…

trevor mandina says:

Why was Kevin Na just standing there? He could have used that long time to advance on his put. Lord knows he needs all the time he can get. 

TREXgameplay says:

Ha ha lol poor guy

Jackson Khoo says:

i've never seen that before. incredeble.

raroyder says:

Dang that ninja official appeared outta nowhere when his caddy fell.

E.J. Luna says:

Take a lap.

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