Chipping Sodbury Playing Lesson Part 2

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Chipping Sodbury Playing Lesson Part 2 with Mark Crossfield , james Dimond and James Wiltshire otherwise know as the Gorilla. Watch them play around this parkland course just outside Bristol and see if they make par, birdie or worse. Improve your golf game with easy to follow and understand golf lessons, tips and instructions.


Mark Crossfield says:

Chipping Sodbury golf course video

S. SH says:

Wondering what Gorilla’s swing weight was with that driver?

vivan badhwar says:


Ethan Bird says:

I don’t drop hahaa 

Matthew Collins says:

Lets see gorilla hit one in a gorilla outfit

kevin webb says:

Great video as always, Mark. Which model of Go Pro camera do you use?

FPSWordle says:

Gorgeous golf course.

robocop30301 says:

What I took away from the video: every putt is straight if you hit it hard

Dawson Neufeld says:

these keep getting better.

Bert says:

Good stuff “gorilla golf”

Harry Flower Golf says:

Gorilla’s R&A rules ha

Peter P says:

Hi, mark I love to watching playing golf with your friends…

mrjjhopkins says:

Anyone know what irons the Gorilla uses?

bwotwbianlw says:

mark looks like he’s hitting with more of a locked left arm?

Nik S says:

hi mark i have a ruling question. one of these videos there was a tree in
your down swing and you said in the video you got relief from it. i was
wondering what ruling that was? i am in school for golf and my teacher
didnt know the ruling so i was wondering what it was? keep up the great
vids thanks

David Schultz says:

haha 8:10 is great

scott crockett says:

Hilarious,love the mix of serious golf and the antics of the gorilla! Great

Dan Nahirny says:

The gorilla is a hack!!!!

Sperkoz13 says:

Can you do a review in the Nike 20XI golf balls

Kevin Campbell says:

Well when you landed it on the edge of the 13th tee you should have done
what one of members did and holed it off the 13th tee straight into the 3rd
hole. Glad to see you guys struggle on our beautiful course

ElSkinsio says:

If it makes you feel any better, that’s a pretty standard way to play a par
5 for me!

ih8pikeys says:

I see why you call him Gorilla…

ste bristow says:

These on course videos are great for helping gauge distances, club choice
and course management. keep them coming mark

jessead89 says:

What tees should we be playing from ?

HeidisBrother says:

Shake it off Gorilla!! Maybe your bulk is hindering your swing lol

cttshredder says:

Love the vlogs mark!

Brendon Spencer says:

Diamond is the better player of the three. Gorilla can hit a long ball but
not as consistent. Marks an alrite player. But they don’t give diamond the
credit he deserves. Great vids.

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