Chris Broussard explains how LaVar Ball is hurting Lonzo’s career after recent threats | UNDISPUTED

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Chris Broussard joins Rob Parker, Greg Jennings and Holly Sonders on Undisputed to discuss LaVar Ball's recent comment that Lonzo will not re-sign with the Los Angeles Lakers if they don't sign LaMelo and LiAngelo.

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Chris Broussard explains how LaVar Ball is hurting Lonzo's career after recent threats | UNDISPUTED

Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

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Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED says:

Do you think LaVar is hurting Lonzo's career?

Frederick Willis says:

If he is making his own money.not you threating his son because his dad is making now yall won't him to disrespect his dad.why because he speak as he fill he don't talk to you.daddy's boy called him a daddy boy's

MJ Salurio says:

Lakers should trade lonzo to tha sixers chicago or atlanta

flexx says:

This Lonzo kid hasnt got the balls to step to his dad. Never did never will. Lonzo isnt good enough for any team to go through a circus show.

Mr. Copacetic says:

All these haters. These brothers are tripping about Lonzo.

Shad Cotton says:

These analysis really love Lavar he ain't hurting Lonzo his dad is just a fan period


Lavar ball fifteen minutes of Fame is boring now. Next topic

Surprise623er says:

It was never lonzo's dream to play for the Lakers, it was lavar's dream. That's why Lonzo is quiet about the situation.

DOLPHIN1266 says:

I don't care how good this guy becomes, I would never bring him to my team if i was a owner.

christopher davies says:

Does Lonzo even have trade value anymore??

Chris A says:

Parker that dude chris that dude spitting facts

Lalig2yyz CA says:

Who else listened closely to Chris Broussard THEN skipped Rob Parker's bit. Ahahha?

TeamLaVon24 says:

averaging 20 pts is not a pg

Jeff W says:

I have to disagree with Greg on the fact that Magic is too nice a guy to deal with this. Magic is a wonderful person, I enjoyed watching him play, and I like the way he conducts his business. However, just because he is tolerant does not mean he can't put the hammer down. I believe the longer he waits to do something, the worse the outcome is going to be for Lonzo. Magic is respected by many people in the league, and he carries a lot of weight. If you disrespect him, then you have disrespected many.

Jeff W says:

Chris you are right on point again. This is a circus/reality tv show/bad sitcom and what team out there wants this right now. Where is he going to go after the Lakers? Teams that are struggling surely would not want this kind of distraction, and teams that are at the top would not want anything that jeopardizes their rhythm and chemistry. He is close to being on the outside looking in.

Jason Holt says:

Welp….. I guess I have to say Kristy Leahy was right about Lavar….

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