Chris Broussard on Kevin Love’s role in Isaiah Thomas gelling with LeBron’s Cavs | UNDISPUTED

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Joined by Holly Sonders, Rob Parker and Greg Jennings, Chris Broussard reveals Kevin Love's crucial role in facilitating Isaiah Thomas fitting in with LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers.

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Chris Broussard on Kevin Love's role in Isaiah Thomas gelling with LeBron's Cavs | UNDISPUTED

Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

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Will Deonne Creative says:

IT will average 24 ppg.

Tre Jackson says:

Greg Jennings…stick to football. You’re saying a lot of nothing

Franc Mittelo says:

Only in American Sports do stars have problems fitting in a good team. In other sports, when you put a star in a good team, the team almost instantly becomes hard to beat. America shouldn't have team sports. It should all be individual sports. LOL

born Winner says:

Gregg Jennings is the worst analyst on tv

Hugues says:

Tyron Lue is a joke ?

P jesus says:

Broussard is the only opinion that I trust on fox

Aundre Queen says:

The bootleg undisputed

Victor Polanco says:

i almost left when i realized it was the regular crew but i stayed for chris

I really Don't care says:

So Isaiah is going to be about himself because of his free agency? Forget team ball as he has never been a good team player? He adapted in Boston. He was good and adapted in Sacramento. Was good, but hard to adapt with 3 point guards in phenix. Bet here he will demand to score? Not try to help team but help himself? Team is not committed to him then. Offer him contract to lay how you want him to. Lebron is screwing this up. Not Isaiah

Cameron Bass says:

I see Joy got hers in at the end.

keep it lit suckas says:

LeBron & love & Isaiah????

Snapdragon says:

Chris GOATssard

Toma says:

I think Kevin Love should take a Ryan Anderson role. While I.T gets to be the 2nd man. And Lebron is ofc the main man.

Edmon Lacsa says:

rob is always stupid lol

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