Chris Broussard reacts to Paul Pierce’s jersey retirement in Boston | UNDISPUTED

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On the heals of Paul Pierce's #34 jersey retirement in Boston, Chris Broussard joins Greg Jennings, Rob Parker and Holly Sonders on Undisputed to discuss the ceremony and Robert Parish's comment that Paul Pierce is ‘the greatest offensive Celtic'.

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Chris Broussard reacts to Paul Pierce's jersey retirement in Boston | UNDISPUTED

Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED


Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED says:

Do you agree with Chris Broussard?

King Pamon10 says:

Kawhi better then pierce

88smjls says:

Havlicek won 2 rings without Bill Russell in the 70’s.

geebster says:

I'd also put the Spurs above the big 3 Celtics. Just because their team play when healthy was just…unstoppable.

nabil chowdhury says:

In no particular order, this eras teams are Shaq and Kobe lakers, Wade and Lebron Heat, and GSW. Stop the blasphemy Chris.

Vilouboy says:

ROFLMAO…..starts at 7:16 and ends with "He talks slow."

Now we saying The Truth belongs on the "short bus"?!

charlolbj23 says:

chris missed a few more names, t mac, kawhi, and carmelo are all also better than pierce

Keith Howard says:

U r right Celtics only hang banners but reconsidering what Isaiah did in Boston and what happen to him Ainge and the rest felt some kind of way so they offer him the video, that's cool and i like Thomas he deserved it but not on the Truths day considering all Paul had done for Boston he was there for the good, the bad and ugly and not once did he asks for a trade that's loyalty

Mulatto Heat says:

He was great ..and thats enough.

Renee Lohk says:

I'm starting to like rob parker , too much praise for pierce !

Derek Powell says:

Pippen over Pierce Broussard is crazy

Sushil Kumar says:

Just like Rosan Rondo > Isiah Thomash

TheMoneyTeamAngel says:

Paul Pierce midrange game was deadly and he was so damn clutch you have to respect that

lew mack says:

dirk better than paul!

kbdemonbain says:

paul pierce the celtic pride? lol dude is recruiting players for the lakers on tv now lol

Hayden Buchanan says:

'Mind altering drugs'- The g.o.a.t

Rashaad Wright says:

He's not even top 10 sf

Lyndon Fair says:

Detroit is a better team

Mut - says:

Paul pierce was a great player but let's just say he's not that great

KingBeckfordTV says:

What about Carmelo Anthony he’s better than pierce

Oswaldo LN says:

I disagree with everything that comes out of Rob Parkers mouth.

First Last says:

Greg is right. We don't value Pierce enough partly because his game was ugly, and it didn't make it any better that he played in an area of perimeter players with visually attractive games (AI, Kobe, Vince, T Mac, J Kidd, Ray Allen, Baron Davis, LeBron, D Wade, etc.). He wasn't box office. People weren't scrambling to get tickets when his team came to town. There was nothing about his game that made you want to watch him in particular. Great player, but yea nobody was checking for Pierce like that.

Lor Dj says:

Paul Pierce is underrated and don't get enough credit

Ali Haniffa says:

Behind Scottie Pippen? Naah man

MoneyOverFame says:

Wow. How low can you go? These guys are actually criticizing this guys jersey retirement. SMH, the disrespect is real.

Dan Lewis says:

KG should be in Minnesota

Quelgdatnigga Smith says:

Paul Pierce Truth?

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