Chris my golf club is to short Wood Mizuno Day

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Chris my golf club is to short Wood Mizuno Day. Mark takes Chris Wood on at Bearwood Lakes golf club in this Mizuno golf challenge. Watch as AskGolfGuru Mark Crossfield hits Chris Wood's long and upright golf club as Chris hits Marks shorter iron. Who hits the golf ball closer to the hole wins. This is part 2 of a 3 part golf challenge.

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KXA | Official Channel says:


fullwerkes says:

Does this mean we should all be using #Mizuno EZzzzzzzssss? :)

maxwell peterson says:

not 54 mp 4 mark

Swar Det says:

What is interesting here is that the flatter club is better suited for CW.
As an experiment, I flattened all my clubs 5 degrees a few weeks ago.
Remarkable difference for the better in that I didn’t miss anything left
and the occasional miss right was palatable. 

rojothe2nd says:

His club looked tiny lol

stephen steward says:

Need more info on what’s this showing , other than he hit it better than
you , so does fitting really matter ? Or perhaps it would feel bad ‘back
ache etc’ after many holes if people used incorrect length clubs ect or
both of you can adapt to use any clubs , confused about the message

Christopher Arnold says:

MP4 Mark. MP54 are not proper clubs.

Nick Hough says:

Lol! LovinG it…..just a couple of West Country lads havin a laugh. Well
done Chris…….great as usual Mark #BIGKID 

Lee Marels says:

Bearwoods looking in great shape

Miguel Alves says:

That was a mp4 Mark.

KJMSr1 says:

Chris looked kinda funny with that short club. It looked like Mark was
hitting a 4 iron, it was so long….

prorobo says:

Chris Wood is clearly the man sticking it to Parfield!

3rdgroove says:

Great fun idea!

jonathan bush says:

You should have given him a couple of halfs of thatchers before, woody
can’t drink to save his life :)

Oliver Cleeve-bright says:

Just a little hight difference 

9tube1 says:

Good for Chris. He’s a nice guy.

donballe says:

What spec is your and his iron?

Mox_au says:

“too” broseph, and you should have done a whole round :)

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