Chuck Cook: Pull Cure: Close Stance

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TequilaMockingBird says:

Great insight, love these old videos.

Luke Daniel Borel says:

The reason this drilled did not help me in the past is that I stopped turning before impact. This drill works great for me now since I now make sure I continue turning my body until I am done hitting the ball. i might try playing a round with a closed stance. Maybe Mo Norman has a closed stance, just enough of a closed stance to produce a straight divot whose direction is towards the target, which is my goal. I suppose this drill will allow to vary how closed you are an in theory I might be able to produce a divot that is straight and slightly right of the target, and in theory a simple way to hit a draw. It also helps me in this drill when I allow my trail right heel to come up significanly starting just before impact and continues to lift significantly after the club hits the ball. I think this video is correct when discussing how many people struggle with spinning out over the right leg and how foreign it feels to shift the weight towards the target and still maintaining the correct timing of the golf club movement.

Hugh Rogers says:

Worked like magic the first time I took this to the range. Tight, controlled draws. Every time since, I've done nothing but top the ball.

trextrextrex says:

Gonna have to try this one

mobydoug says:

This exercise, as Cook promises, is a great guard against spinning out.  It gives you the feeling of hitting or releasing against a firm left side, which is vital to an effective swing.  Am surprised there aren't more comments on this excellent lesson.  Anyway, thanks Chuck.

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