CLEAR WINNER!! Callaway Paradym VS Titleist TSR3

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In this video I compare the Titleist TSR3 Driver against the new Callaway Paradym Driver two heavyweight drivers for 2023. These golf clubs boast lots of technology but the Titleist is titanium and the Paradym has lots of carbon but which is the winner??

Other new driver releases for 2023 are TaylorMade Stealth 2 Ping G430 Mizuno ST230 Cobra Aerojet

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30 thoughts on “CLEAR WINNER!! Callaway Paradym VS Titleist TSR3

  1. Was just given a ts3 cus the guys said he wasn’t good enough to be consistent with it, I’ve used it for one round and swear I’ve gained 10-20 yards on drive compared to my Taylor made m1 sounds very nice too

  2. I've heard alot of people say that the carbon face on the Callaway and other brands are developing cracks or splitting ????????????????

  3. Really pleased Titleist seemed to decide to climb out of mediocrity with its Driver lineup- starting back with the TS series. TSi is a great driver and the TSr is a refinement of that club. Very happy with my TSr3. I hit the 2,3, and 4 – all are very awesome but liked the shape and adjustability of the TSr3 the most!
    Titleist is the best company in golf! Let the other companies release new clubs every 6 months- that’s a slap in the face to its customers! Now that Titleist drivers have a seat at the table – ya can’t really say that there’s a more dominant oem (all the way thru the bag than Titleist!)

  4. Hey Michea nice review, could you please review the new Ai smoke against the TSR3, just to see if 2 years old technology beats today new one!

  5. its not the driver. We can give him $45 starter driver and he will still get the same #s. Its all BS to steal or hard earned money.

  6. I just went to a fitting and it came down to the Paradym X or the TSR1. My numbers were similar to yours, not as long but only a few yards difference with the TSR being slightly longer, but better dispersion. Going in I wanted the Paradym X, especially now that it's $100 cheaper. I ended up ponying up the extra cash for the Titleist. It had better numbers, I love the sound and I had more confidence that I could get after it more. I could have gone either way since they were pretty close and better than the others I tried…Stealth, Aerojet, Wilson, Srixon and the Ping. Wilson was a surprising third for me.

  7. I have the paradym driver and I can smash it on avg 280 , I am 57 and lost a lot of strength in my swing, I got rid of my TaylorMade Steth driver, I love the paradym

  8. Literally just got fitted. TSR3 was clear winner, the others werent bad though but i was getting alteast 10-15 yards more and the dispersion was amazing with the TSR3. The other clubs i tried was Callaway Paradym, Ping G430, Taylormade Stealth 2 and Srixon ZX5. The other definately werent bad but the feel, distance and forgiveness was insane on the TSR3. I was getting the Titleist mostly between 270-280 meters, i hit one so good it went 300 meters. The guy at the golf fitting said im crazy if i dont get the Titleist

  9. it makes sense why you went with the TSR, but the smash was higher with that so of course the balls will go that exact couple yards. The dispersion was the biggest thing I think.

  10. No surprise. After years of having different drivers, brands and models and being in my 70s with obviously now much slower swing speed i was looking to see which driver (and shaft) would give me the most reliability, reasonable distance but tighter dispersion and be a fairway finder and thus give me more confidence. After having and testing some clubs including the stealth for example i ended up with the tsi1. Far happier with this than others including feel sound and looks. Not much difference with the tsr1 so went for the tsi1 as better value. Shaft was key – in my case the cb hzrdus red. Also adjusted the length – shorter for more accuracy. Lovely club. So also for me the titanium outdid the carbon!!

  11. TSR, Higher ball speed, less forgiving. He hit the TSR right more often. Also, a better comp would be either Standard Paradym vs TSR2, or Paradym Triple Diamond vs the the TSR3. Oh, and how about using the same shaft with both heads?

  12. I was comparing the Paradym vs TSR 3 and sure enough I was hitting the TSR 3 better so I ordered one yesterday and get in two weeks but sucks being a left hander and have to wait for two weeks to get it! Can't wait to have it. I had the Callaway Rogue for four years.

  13. I finally upgraded from my Nike 2016 Vapor Fly to the TSR2. And I tell you, I don’t think I’ve ever felt a driver click better than the TSR. It’s a classic sleek look, nothing too fancy, less techy looking…but the titanium sound and their feel to this driver is superb. I swung the new Stealth2, and the Paradym to compare and they really did not perform for me the same as the TSR at all.

  14. Currently I have a Paradym standard with Ventus TR Blue 5S and really interested in TSR3 with Tour Ad Stock Titleist 60g S shaft. Would it be as forgiving as Paradym Max?

    Thank you in advance.

  15. I hit the taylormade, titleist, cobra and triple diamond paradym….for me it wasn't even close. The paradym was easilly the best club. most forgiveness and I absolutely murder the b all when I hit it sq. Bought the triple diamond 3 wood as well. The Titleist is gorgeous though

  16. Just got fitted today for the TSr3 and it was night and day (given that should be expected when upgrading from an old Taylormade R1 driver lol) but it was amazing, even though my strikes weren't all out of the middle I was still getting 1.49 smash. Absolutely great driver through the fitting and looking forward to gaming it this summer.

  17. Because Titleist engineers probable are more educated than the other brands and they know that carbon does not flex like metals do. If carbon flexes too much it fails, this is why airplanes are not made from carbon, it would cause catastrophic failure instead of flexing like aluminum does. TM will start to see issues with their carbon faced drivers.

  18. Did a fitting for Paradym… I couldn't get over how big the head looks and feels. Put some range work in on my TSR3 with LA Golf DJ shaft, dialed in loft and lie, and I fell back in love with it. It sounds and feels bettet than any driver I've ever hit.

  19. I was fitted for the TSR2. I went in expecting to get the Paradym X. The Paradym was an amazing club, the consistency was there, the dispersion was low. But I was getting 15-20 yards more with the TSR2 with roughly the same dispersion size and a straighter ball flight. I could have went with either and been happy but the extra yardage helped, and the look of the TSR at address definitely sealed the deal.

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