Clearing The Hips In The Golf Swing | Missing Piece

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David Vota says:

Whew we is this in the Top Speed Golf System?

Michael Allison says:

This is great stuff

Dave Collins says:

I’m stoked! Does that same concept work for the driver?

Jurek S. Analizy says:

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Vinh Nguyen says:

Thank you for the video ….Now I know how I can clear my hip correctly ..

Frank C says:

This is great but damn, it is really hard to actually put this into practice.

dennis kline says:

Wonderful video. You give a clear sequence video through the down swing, contact area and the release. Love it.

jacob belmontes says:

Great video

Jeffrey Moss says:

Best video which addresses something I have not seen in other sequencing videos. Clear and something able to visualize.

Peter Donk says:

Focus too much on clearing the hips and you’ll miss the other 2 important bits of the down & through swing. Weight shift left and rotation of the shoulders. Watch closely what he does exactly.

Tri Le says:

Great explanation of the club and hip relationship. I always fire my hips really hard and can't control the club.

Sally S says:

Good drill but this doesn't look or sound like Clay??

Just Me says:

These series of videos have helped me properly understand the golf swing and put it into practice.

Greg Richie says:

Great lesson. It really illustrates the technique for a quality strike and release.

Anthony Viola says:

Very helpful lesson, great visual example very clear! Thanks!👍🇨🇦

Ph P says:

important information, clearly presented. Thank you.

TheTopFan says:

Really enjoyed this. Thank you.

Ross Hash says:

This is the missing piece to my swing right now! I am going to go practice it now.

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