Cleveland 588 TT Golf Irons

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Cleveland 588 TT Golf Irons reviewed by Mark Crossfield PGA professional AskGolfGuru. Mark hits the Tour trajectory irons from Cleveland golf and talks about the different options with the Cleveland 588 family and how you can blend the different head styles to obtain the best launch.


Melvin Anthony says:

I love mine…..

Stig B. Jensen says:

I’ve been playing with blades for many years. I used to be a hcp 2 player
but now as i got older my hcp is 7. I just switched from my blades to these
588 TT and it took me a while to get used to the thick top line, but now i
just love them. There’s a great feeling in these irons when hitting the
ball and i have no problems in working the ball right to left. And did i
forget to mention that they look GREAT !!! ;-)

David Rosenfeld says:

The feeling of the ball coming off these irons (on a decent strike
obviously) is terrific. Best I’ve ever felt, even on toe shots. Have made a
huge difference for me since I got them several months ago.

chris Joy says:

just purchased a set of these 4-pw I am a relatively high handicap but I
really liked the look. they are fantastic I hit them quite high but they go
a long way they are very forgiving on miss hits but I cannot be happier
with my purchase…..

Michael Anscomb says:

Loving the videos. Currently using the Cleveland CG7 and would definately
look at the 588 family when looking to up range. I like the review of the
588TT but would like to know more about the pitching irons 8,9 and pitch.

Love the reviews and videos. Mike from Surrey

Bob Dilkes says:

Had my best season for ages using these 588tt’s, have reg graphite shafts
which are much firmer than the Taylormade R9 reg graphite irons I had.
getting much more distance and accurate too…. am 62 now and have played
between 3 & 6 handicap since 1985. I reached the final of 3 KO comps at my
club this year, winning 1 and close on the other 2 (gave too many shots
lol!). Keep up the good reviews Mark!

TL Brooke says:

For some reason I like these clubs. The feel pretty solid and look good at
address. They aren’t the prettiest clubs but I would play them. says:

I traded in Ping I25’s for these and LOVE them. Best irons I’ve ever hit
and I love the stronger lofts. It gives me options with every club. I can
hit the PW 135, 125, or 115 based on my needs for a shot. Same goes for
most of the clubs.
These clubs are a gem and Cleveland doesn’t have the marketing dollars to
promote them. Too bad, the public is missing out.

Robert Michael Reyes says:

So are these forged or cast?

jessed says:

Hey Mark firstly i love the channel great videos, watching from here in
australia! Just starting in golf, and today just bought the cleveland 588
TT. Tried the callaway apex irons, taylor made speed blades, and nike
slingshots. Decided on the 588 TT irons with the cleveland classic 1
driver, 3 wood, and 5 wood! Will let ya know how they go, cheers mate. 

swordbird22 says:

I personally love cleveland clubs

Bob Dilkes says:

Just ordered 4- GW TTs can’t wait, the trial iron went great

raherr18 says:

Just ordered the 588 TT with KBS shafts – well see replacing my CVG 7

stevedavis83 says:

I have the 588 MT and they are terrible. They feel great because of that
forged face, but that’s about it. You absolutely cannot control them at
all, you just hit and hope it goes somewhere relatively close to where you
were aiming. $699 in the trash basically.

RingoFreakingStarr says:

The TT’s and MT’s are so underrated. The are the best feeling clubs I have
ever hit. The 2-4 MT’s are the most buttery feeling long irons I have ever

mark moonlight says:

Mark Why no mention of the Forged Face???? FYI David Toms is playing 588 TC
(tour concept)Irons. Which is like this Iron but with a Narrower sole and a
thinner top line. They look awesome! Totally Forged. Check out GOLFWRX.COM
witb David Toms. Cheers!

ryanpatrick16 says:

Do this club vs vas forged

007toft007 says:

You have a beautiful swing Mark !

Joshua Bell says:

Mark, can you do a review on the Callaway Warbird irons?

chochanchito says:

cleveland the best braand ever

Joshua hudock says:

Hey mark love the channel and i also bought your app wanted to refer you to
my channel for a few of my swings if you wanna use them for a golf fix
episode wwwyoutubecom/channel/UCVDg2UfPJALnUxkueliBeaQ keep up the great

Sword ofDobar says:

Mark could you do a Trackman video where you compare figures on the TT, the
MT and the Altitude say for a 6 iron. I like the look of them and seeing
the figures would show how you can mix the different models together.

TheApothekerr says:

i just tryed the 588 on a demoday und the tt were very nice to play with,
very solid and i bought them with the ns pro shaft, very nice irons, from
4-P, cant await them!

Scott Shields says:


Paul Handford says:

just had a fitting for some new irons at hensol golf academy hit loads of
different irons all makes then put these in my hands wow club further and
so forgiving cant wait for them to arrive

mclgolfandstuff says:

Mark do a video of what clubs you have in your own bag, please and thanks.

Trev D says:

These have a forged face insert

StankPunatra says:

Cleveland rocks!

Brian Golden says:

Have a set of TTs. Love them

Ray M says:

Great review as always. Wish you were in the states. I’d love to take
lessons from you. Keep it up Mark.

soulkens says:

Need a video on how to approach the green, like hitting a 56

Justus Seiber says:

Yes, short game lessons would be awesome.

Tommy Gustaveson says:

Mark, have you done a review of the 588 forged wedges? They are amazing. I
still need to try these irons i love the 588 CB and MB but im currently
gaming gunmetal Ta7, best iron ever

Gray Tough says:

Just a matter of time before GMac has these in his bag

kyri theo says:

Like if you want mark to do short game lessons

Indi Newall says:

I have just put a set of these, 4-P on layby today, as part of a package I
put together with the pro. Used the trajectory camera as used here, I have
played maybe 20 times in my life, with the 7-iron from this, with no
warm-up, was able to hit 5 of 10 straight down the middle, with an average
flight (not including run-on) of around 170 metres…not bad for a rank
amateur. Worth putting in the mix if you are trying clubs at your local
shop, I can’t wait to get them out there.

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