Cleveland CBX Wedge

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Cleveland CBX Wedge reviewed and tested by Mark Crossfield PGA professional. See what the new cavity back wedge from Cleveland golf offers for golfers who want the most help with all aspects of their short games. Will the CBX wedge from Cleveland Srixon help you make more up and downs.

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VWRabbit2008 says:

I play srixon z965. I’m a mid handicap and find them super easy to hit. Have actually been considering these in a 54,58 only because I struggle with wedges

woody pilgrim says:

I have those wedges. 52-56-60 love them

Jack vs Joycey says:

Just bought this, I’m playing off 17 and hit it 115-120 yards in 50 degrees, is this wedge suitable for me?

Allah Ali Baba says:

Great review Mark…Love you show and reviews on clubs….I ordered a custom set of Cleveland Wedges with my shafts to match my new Wilson Staff FG V6 irons…Now I am waiting for them to arrive….I Don't have much trouble with chips or pitch shots but Love Cleveland Wedges…That seems to be their bread and butter….Thanks Again….

Sean W. Hanley says:

It's funny, Ping had cavity wedges with v type soles on their eye 2 plus wedges 30 years ago.

2121toso says:

Nice review.  Hitting all types of shots, a real review.

M Smizzle says:

Turn the volume down….
Looks like a rap video

M Smizzle says:

Are these like the i20/ i25 wedges?

mark luddington says:

I play taylormade irons and play same model in wedges all cavity back clubs all about the look and feel the same

Simon Sez says:

The way you chip, Mark, maybe you should put these in your bag ??

ma molden says:

I may do a 56 I have a adams cb1 gw thats at 51 that has easy hit sole relief , with 1 cbx think I'd be good to go

MarK D says:

and Zach just disappeared 🙁

TalkyMcTalkFace says:

Ahhh the old magic clubs have finally come to the wedge game. In 2000 I could only hit the ball 100 yards, I've changed nothing in my swing and done no practice. I didn however but purchase a new driver each spring and each Autumn. Now I stand on the tee on and announce like a famous yank "Watch this drive" and smash it 400 yards. Problem is I still can't chip so hopefully in another 15 years I'll be driving it 800 yards and pitching in for my second. And all that without any practice and the parting of a mere fourteen thousand pounds. Genius!

Peter Scuba says:

Problem with getting new wedges is you need to check distances again. Wedges always seem pretty forgiving to me unlike long irons

Kit Fletcher says:

Really interested in these! My current 60 is a el cheapo Dunlop Tour which has a cavity back (quite a big one too) and it's so much easier than my other wedges. Yes it was dirt cheap from a chain sports store, but for less than a tenner it was worth testing. These look like a decent version of the same thing!

bmbell71 says:

how do these compare to the RTX 3.0 cavity back wedges?

Adam Worsey says:

Mark what would you suggest if i hit my bladed wedges much better than my irons (opposite idea to these i suppose). tends to suggest that my swing/speed works better with the heavier shaft? Cheers

Z Harney says:

Yeah… not buying this either.

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