Cleveland Classic Hybrid

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Cleveland Classic Hybrid reviewed by Mark Crossfield AskGolfGuru. PGA professional Mark Crossfield hits the Cleveland Classic hybrid with glide rales on the bottom and talks about who might get the most from this kind of golf club. With the help of GC2 HMT from foresight sports Mark presents real club data on distance spin etc etc. Play your best golf with Mark Crossfield and his golf videos and make sure you buy the best golf equipment.

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Mark Crossfield says:

Cleveland Classic Hybrid reviewed by Mark Crossfield AskGolfGuru with the
help of GC2HMT from Foresight Sports. 

brendos444 says:

I live and work in PNG but get back home to Australia quite often. I have
spare set of clubs in Sydney made up of people’s old clubs and bargains I
find. This classic hybrid is in the bag there. I don’t usually get on with
hybrids, but I had a gap in my bag and this club was on special for a great
price so I bought it. It is a fantastic club. It looks great. The feel is
really good. The flight and sound are true as Mark mentioned. It really is
a pity that Cleveland are taking a back seat to Srixon now because they
always make excellent clubs at very good price points. This has got to be
one of the best clubs they have put out in recent years.

Simon Suddons says:

Great review again Mark. I have this is 18 and 20.5 and alternate between
putting each 1 in the bag depending on variables like tightness of course,
wind and ground conditions. Superb hybrid with great Xcon H6 shaft. Very
cheap compared to Ping etc also. 20.5 goes 195-200 and 18 goes 205-215 for
my 97-100mph driver smooth tempo Swing Speed. Reasonable height, straight
and forgiving. The lovely sound feedback is a confidence booster also.

Derek Shorrock says:

I have the Cleveland Mashie hybrid may get one of these love Cleveland
clubs everything in bag except the putter is Cleveland for me

3steveo3 says:

Picked one up today, was having a gander in american golf Cardiff, seen
this for £44.99!!! from £129.99 took it to the range and boooom who needs a
driver!!! i got the 2H (18deg) wow!!! 

bmarkyt132 says:

I have this club and love it!

Aleks Joveski says:

I just put one in the bag to try and help me with the long iron shots⛳️

james eadie says:

good comment these are not as popular as others but these are very good I
have a M3 & M5 very good . and only about £50.00 quid 

Jack Valadas says:

im looking at getting one of these but not sure if I should get the 3H or
4H… my clubs go from 4i-sw at the moment and I hit my 4 iron really
well… do I need a 3H in my bag? ps. keep up the good work, thanks

Simon Huss says:

Totally agree, tried this hybrid today against a ping G25 and a titleist,
best by far for me, ended up buying brand new for £59, half the price of
either the ping or titleist, great work mark keep it up 

Satchel Osiris says:

Intentional Freudian slip when Mark asked, “are you the next Keegan
“Cleveland” Bradley?” Haha LOL

Kailer Rundiks says:

You should change your intro it looks and sounds weired.

Cailean H says:

Hey mark loving the videos! Quick question what is the little tag line or
phrase you always say before your intro video?

alexander lorentson says:

do the mizuno hybrids please

Jin C says:

I believe Mark is saying “let’s get stuck in!”

MrJash3 says:

Mark I would love to see some Adams golf reviews the super S would be
interesting to see

Joseph Perez says:

Correct me if I’m wrong but those glide rails are to help the player hit it
out of tough lies.


hey mark, i would like to see a review of the new nike vr forged wedges
with the different grinds. and the main difference between the grinds.
would be really cool

ram2412 says:

I use the Cleveland Mashie Hybrid…this club looked like the Mashie only
painted black. The Mashie has an extremely light shaft…not sure what
shaft this hybrid comes with. Bottom line is, I love my Mashie hybrid and
would look at Cleveland again for future hybrid clubs.

Graeme Mann says:

Ya I use the 20.5 last years model and it works great.

aaron sinclaire says:

could we have some videos aimed at amature golfers on a budget in what to
buy what to stear clear from as a few golf shops ive been to are quite
pushy and dont want to give me alot of help unless i was willing to spend
£500 on irons, can you help

cougar1234c says:

that’s so the GC2 hmt device can pick up the data of each shot

ryanpatrick16 says:

I like the sound

Hdw1998 says:

Compare to cleveland mashie

Steven Teo says:

what’s with the dots on the heel and toe of the clubface?

TheSebbee8 says:

Hi Mark! Just got your app! Great stuff! Just needs a bit quicker upload
(The app is pretty far behind the youtube channels). But I’m looking
forward to have it with me on the range! I absolutely love this, you are
great! I can promise you that you helped a lot of people with their golf!
Keep it up!

CaribSurfKing1 says:

Cleveland have had the best hybrids since the halo. The onset has always
been the only annoying part, making it more of a wood than an iron! I have
placed X100 and S300’s in them and they play like a long iron! These play
great with DG SL’s as well, if don’t like graphite, but want the weight

Spender94 says:

Mark, can you review some adams golf clubs, would be really to see what you
think about to new range. Many thanks and hope you can consider it.

ripyerballs says:

Cleveland make great clubs, I am a big fan of Cleveland clubs, The only
thing I would say is they don’t hold there value as well as the top 4
brands, but if you find they work for you why would you sell them anyway,

Mitchell Rosher says:

I’m using a 18 degree Cleveland Mashie (two models back from the Classic).
Have the stock mizayaki regular shaft and I feel like its got the
workability but witjpretty good forgiveness aswell. If my Mashie is
anything to go by, then the classic must be a ripper!

AJCgolf says:

Mark you really need to get it hands on some of the Adams hybrids. I use
one of their older models the A7 and completely love it, such a nice shape
sound and feel. However I feel Adams latest range since being taken over by
Taylormade has gone away from their roots and lost that classic adams shape
. Would love to hear your opinion on the subject

Awesome Epicosity says:


Andrew Cameron says:

What is better a 5 wood or a 2 iron hybrid can u do a comparison to see
which is better

Matt Clark says:

Hi mark, just wondering if I need a hybrid in my bag? I’ve been thinking of
getting one but don’t know if their a must need or no need. Would
appreciate if you could shine some light on this

Jayar Hawley says:

I use the Cleveland Mashi 18*and 23*. Last years model of the same club. I
love them. Consistent ball flight and distance.

Chris Schmidt says:

Cleveland irons are all that is worth buying from that manufacturer… I’m
all for Adams hybrids only!!

oooolalo says:

Looks like I might give up my 18* mashie for one of these!

BubbaWatsonfan15 says:

What camera do you use?

Paul Handford says:

great hybrid most forgiving i have hit and great ball flight

Clemens Jürgen says:

i love my willy!

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