Cleveland Classic XL Fairway

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Cleveland Classic XL Fairway reviewed by Mark Crossfield PGA professional AskGolfGuru. Mark talks about the fairway woods from Cleveland golf with their deep face and classic design. Hitting the 3 wood and 5 wood watch as Mark shows real ball distance and performance data with the help of GC2 HMT. Play your best golf with the best equipment fro your game.


Derek Shorrock says:

Got the driver and the 7 wood think they are the best woods I’ve ever owned
and as you say the coolest headcovers ever 

Whisky Galore says:

I have played with the Cleveland XL 3 wood stiff shaft for a season now.
What I love about the 3 wood is that it gives me the extra reach to hit the
par 5’s in two and should I miss a drive off the tee it gives me the
length to get to the green in 2 on the par 4. I got this club in a
clearance sale for £59.99 at American Golf – I wouldn’t normally shop here
but it was a top deal. I would highly recommend adding this club to your

Roland Bole says:

I love the cleveland classic XL 3 and 5 woods. I hit the 3 wood from the
deck easier than any 3 wood I have ever tried except the callaway x hot.
The classic XL are also very cheap at the moment with the 588 fairway woods
on the market. I’d say if dosh is not an issue, go for the 588 woods else
the classic XL woods will just be fine. My currently own the 588 custom
driver, XL 3 and 5 woods, 3H and looking at custom fitting for the 588
MT/TT irons.

Theis Svendsen says:

I just got the driver, 3 & 5 Wood. Its just so easy to hit these Clubs!
I really just love them and improved my game alot.
Awesome video Mark.

Joshua Bottieri says:

Hello mark. Before I was hitting my 3 wood about 200 w/ rocketballs stage
2. I went to my local pro and with the clevland classic xl 3 wood I was
averaging about 220. Keep up the good videos mark

Tom Permoda says:

I just bought the 3 and 5 Cleveland Classic XL Woods and so far enjoy
them. Only had them on the driving range so far but anxious to get them on
the course. Very simple classic look. They are very much like my very
very old real wood woods from many years ago. I think I’m going to like

sncgolf03 says:

Love how you are doing some Cleveland gear. Now you just need some Adams
gear, that’s where it’s at! You will seriously love their new Super LS
stuff and their players irons. Please try and get your hands on some to

David Schultz says:

Extra luxurious

xLightssOUTx says:

Looks tasty

Hdw1998 says:

Review cleveland launcher

Zach Harney says:

Are you sure the “XL” doesn’t mean “extra long”?

CGChincy2013 says:

Hey Mark, recent subscriber and a huge fan! Great vid, love the cleveland
2013 range. Could you explain in video or not the effect of ‘kicks’ in
shafts and variable stiffness? I use Grafalloy bi-matrix driver and wood
shafts and I know the steel tip affects the launch and I certainly feel the
stability of the club head. However, I was wondering what the benefits are
of low, mid and high kicking shafts?

MrA8figureman says:

A bit of a mouthful…. That’s what she said.

Jack Dent says:

Reminds me of the ping eye 2 woods, they were so good

Leftienige Blank says:

Surely a fairway shot is easier to hit with a shallower face-height? This
club looks aimed at teed-up shots, despite its name .

aemluck says:

Adams clubs review pls 🙂

qwerty ! says:

Hi Mark, Can you do a video on the golfing gadgets to help your play out at
the moment. They all look great but would like to see which is worth
buying. Thanks, from George

jake pauker says:

I just recently got the 5 and 3 wood and they great. Best woods i have ever

Seth Tuttle says:

Where has Mark Crossfield gone? I need more videos!

Brendon Cornell says:

the club head covers look good but they are horrible to take on and off

Kevin Barth says:

I really wish you had the shot tracer that they have on PGA broadcasts.
That would bring such a whole new element to you videos. Imagine the club
reviews with shot tracer to see the variable flight paths

Joey Evanilla says:

Hit these. Didn’t like the small head, even though the face is large. If
the head was larger with that same large face, would be easier to hit.

0304TrueRhythemTV995 says:

Hi mark, another great video. But can you do a classic v modern 3 wood
review with all the figures, as I have an old callaway steelhead 3 and was
wondering whats the difference is to the new x hot. I think it would be
pretty cool to see what has improved over the past few years. Cheers

3rdgroove says:

Mark, I noticed from the stats that the CCXL spun seriously to the left.
Were you trying to hit a “power draw”, did you suffer from momentary
hookeritis, or did the set up not serve your normal swing? Which leads to a
potential “Question of the week”: How easily can a golf pro adapt to unfit
equipment? And does it really matter with sound techique? Thanks for
everything you do on the web!

Judge Smails says:

A lot of face, but not a lot of head… weight low and back… Cleveland
HiBore FW reborn in a more classic look?

Paul Waters says:

That large face remind me of Callaway Hawkeye woods, what great fairway
woods they were. Brilliant! Think I’ll stick with my TM RBZ Stage 2, just
crazy long…

stfn00 says:

one with a new grip, and fresh grooves. As a beginner your equipment is
hardly relevant. Get to learn the game first- stance, grip swing etc and as
you progress upgrade accordingly. For me there’s nothing worse than a
beginner with flashy & expensive equipment who misses the ball off the tee
9/10.. Enjoy yourself mate, its a great game..

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