Cleveland Golf Review 588 Altitude Irons

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Cleveland Golf 588 Altitude Irons reviewed by Mark Crossfield PGA professional AskGolfGuru. Mark hits the very large headed Cleveland Altitude 588 irons and talks about who might enjoy these hybrid style golf clubs the most.

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Dylan Clarke says:

I have just started golf and gotten my self a set of these, from my first
game to my 3rd game i have improved by 18 shots. I think for beginners this
is awesome and i would much rather enjoy my golf as a beginner than stress
to much about looks, i guess you can worry about looks when you have the
skill to backup the ego. only down side is that the P and S are HUGE and
not nice for getting under the ball in shorter distances, i have had to get
my self a better P,S and L for those kind of shots.

Ben Norris says:

Looks like you parked Fiat hatchback by the ball.

JPA2000 says:

I would rather have a nice looking iron and risk 4 or 5 mishits per
round than have these in the bag.. Hideous!

sledge1960 says:

Amazing looking Mark, If you’ve been locked in a darkened dungeon for 40
years maybe. They are brute ugly. If you got tired about the fifteenth tee
you could take a seat on the topline of the 4 iron.

NightMuffin says:

Haha 😛 i have too much problem with launch and i dont know why!! i always
send my irons into space! 

Mike Lanty says:

Beauty they say is in the eye of the beholder ….. ugly? …… different
maybe but definately not ugly …. and of course, they perform beautifully.


I really enjoy your reviews.

sizzlebiscut . says:

There are roads that are narrower than the topline on this club.

emac417 says:

mark, how does your g20 3 hybrid compare to this club in 3 iron?

willie mcm says:

I have a set of ping G10 irons . 4 7 8 9 pw si my 3 5 6 are hybrid
pings G25 this change has helped me a lot. Would like to try those
Clevelands. Best on the net chum . thanks .

Blaine o hare says:

u hit that ball into space

Winterstick549 says:

He does make it easier for us to pick and choose which ones we try out. I
tried these out on the suggestion of my fitter and I ordered them. I do
have a set of old Ping Eye 2s I’d love to see him review.

mat man says:

would love to see a review of the MB2

Brian Kuipers says:

Those look awful and should be taken out behind the barn and shot.

Winterstick549 says:

I just went in for a fitting. I initially came in for the Ping G20s as I
could not tell any appreciable difference between them and the G25s. My
fitter asked if I’d like to check these funky looking clubs out. I pick
fitted set next week. You really do feel like you are cheating. Please
check these out.

3rdgroove says:

It probably was only a matter of time when a whole set of hybrids came out.
That’s golf in the 21st century….

hawjsta says:

Damm thats an ugly club.

Winterstick549 says:

I walk the course, so I dont really notice other players clubs much. As for
appearance, any clubs that can assist in adding yards and lowering my score
are beautiful to me.

SuperMozzman says:

Quite possibly the most hideous clubs I’ve seen in some time. Do not want.

MasterVidTaker says:

It seems you love everything you hit. Noted that most all equipment is
above par these days but I would love to see you review the crap gear out
there now and then! Or if you are so inclined go to a garage sale and buy
some 50 year old clubs and review them!

Oreo021997 says:

can you do the nike covert vrs hybrid and the titleist 913h please!!

sncgolf03 says:

Please try and get hands on Adams stuff you will LOVE THEM!

SgtFrutcake says:

get this one as 1 iron and you have a best of a driving iron

aemluck says:

Hey Mark could you and Gorilla James make some vids regarding golf Rules?

Winterstick549 says:

But if they improve my game,,,the turn beautiful,,,lol.

vleeflo1 says:

“Ugly as sin”

MDGolfaddict says:

Finally we have rival to Rocketbalzzzzzzzzzzz for the daftest name in golf
equipment. Ugly looking beasts as well

suntsu152 says:

Those are crazy looking

Andrew Shone says:

You’re right they are a ugly set.

emac417 says:

interested in your thoughts on the nike covert irons

Scott Shields says:

Adams products please! 🙂

Ross Cartwright says:

adams clubs review

AJCgolf says:

Can you please do Adams cmb forged! And also some of their hybrids and
maybe new drivers

ahadriz says:

who cares if they looks good or not , as long as I am hitting it better
than your pretty clubs !!

ropy29 says:

I’ve got the JPX Fli-Hi #4 and #5 and I love them. How do theyr compare to
these clubs?

Dennis Newberry says:

Hi Mark, I’ve now watched a ton of your videos. I notice that while you
talk you are practicing a pre-shot routine. Can you create a video of what
you’re thinking about in your partial backswings? Particularly what you’re
doing around 2:17 in this video. I expect it’s checking takeaway, however
interested in the thought process. Do you use swing key or simple thoughts
in your swing routine?

Brady Uotinen says:

Adams Super S hybrids??

Ron Binder says:

Such irons should be forbidden 😀

Geofferlyhills says:

Would* dyac

W. Jones says:

Nice review, but that is an ugly looking set of clubs.

JiimboHDx says:

Hi mark, what set of irons would you recommend for a high handicapper
requiring forgiveness and distance with a budget of £180 second hand? I’ve
been looking at Mizuno Mx-19’s and Wilson Di11’s but i’m not sure

NC2871926 says:

Hi Mark, could you do a video review of the Cleveland 588 TT irons?
Thinking of getting a mixed set with 3i 588 altitude, 4i + 5i 588 MT, 6789i
588 TT. Thanks

asfaf wfawf says:

Mind as well do a review on some snake-eye irons, Mark…

Geofferlyhills says:

Most ugly clubs ever made. Who woud want that in their golfbag?

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