Cleveland Golf 588 Fairway

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Cleveland Golf 588 Fairway review with Mark Crossfield PGA professional AskGolfGuru. Mark hits the 588 fairway wood from Cleveland golf and talks launch numbers with GC2 launch monitor to show real ball data. Play your best golf with the best golf equipment in your golf bag, Mark's reviews can help you understand how the golf clubs could help your golf game. The 588 Cleveland fairway comes in different lofts and features some classic design along with modern performance.



Crono545 says:

Rory 1:03

3rdgroove says:

Sneaky long. Mark is as happy as a kid in the candy store when he hits it a
few yards further 😉 We all would be…

TheArfdog says:

As sticky as his swing seems, he does get his balls a long way out
there…. impressive power of technique.

filip tomeczek says:

Pls compare sqare driver and oval ones (like this)

Alexander Muller says:

The sole looks kinda cool. I like the design

Matthew Richardson says:

Hi Mark, just wondering; considering buying a set of Cleveland 588 irons.
Loved the feel of the 588 CB iron, just wanted to know your view on mixing
the set with the MB’s. Thanks

StealthLife49 says:

I really like the looks of these for some reason, simple and clean design. 

jamieboytellem says:

Hi Mark!! Will you be reviewing the Titleist
712U forged irons?

Brian Kuipers says:

Friendly head…. It’s a good thing..

danielle joshua says:


Golf93454 says:

Mark would you say this is easier to get into the air than the Covert 2.0

Daniel TheGolfShagger says:

No “Gimmicks” on this club? I would be comfortable hitting that one off the

Kevin mc donnell says:

i never knew cleveland and srixon were the same company?

speterj says:

I love Cleveland. I have a set of Cleveland irons. But I wish srixon irons
or clubs were more available in the US

Federico Costa says:

I just got my 588 5W yesterday…simply amazing!

Jesper Rodin Augustsson says:

I love cleveland, very good wedges and good loking irons in my taste, their
drivers are kinda classic and i dont like them as much as their irons and
They have a very very good price range on their stuff also.

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