Cleveland Golf 588 Hybrid

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Cleveland Golf 588 Hybrid review with Mark Crossfield PGA professional AskGolfGuru. Mark hits the Cleveland golf 588 hybrid and talks numbers on launch and distance along with helping you understand if this golf club could get into your bag. Play your best golf with Mark's easy to follow and understand golf videos.


Joseph Joseph says:

I have this hybrid and it is so easy to hit with. I am a high handicap
players and have had trouble with hybrids in the past. Mostly because of
the shape. I can hit this one around 200 yards which is very good for me. I
highly recommend this club to any level of player but especially a

Steve Suter says:

Mark, in an older video you loved the Cleveland Classic Hybrid. How would
you compare the 588 to it? Price and year the only difference?

aces 1982 says:

I didn’t even know Cleveland and srixon were the same company!!!

gbvoul says:

Roger Cleveland now works for Callaway..kind of bizzare

StankPunatra says:

That dude had no sense of humor, was he nervous that you would give this
club a bad review? That was just weird

Dan Cooke says:

I’d love to see a video on how the 588 Hybrid compare to the Altitudes.
Forgiveness, ball flight, etc.

Tom Edwards says:

How come your pro v1s are still on the floor during “numbers time” ?!

SatsumaBomb says:

Nice looking club, some of the hybrids look too much like a small wood IMO,
which I think makes people treat the hit like a wood rather than iron

wibble entity says:

I have the Cleveland Mashie Hybrids and 5 wood and love them to pieces.
Give Cleveland a try.

gareth jenkins says:

I own two of the old Cleveland DST launcher hybrids and they r lovely to
hit. Look almost identical to the 588’s, and all Cleveland’s other recent
hybrid releases, bar a new paint job.

Kevin mc donnell says:

fuck sake why is he afraid to smile! jesus christ! the intro was made so
awkward because of it!! fucking hell man lighten up for god sake! dont
bother doing more videos with him mark

nealblath says:

Bet that guys a load of fun on a Saturday night!……….charisma bypass!

redlinejcw says:

The equipment vids come off better when shot in your own bay. 

Jesper Rodin Augustsson says:

I’ll say it again, cleveland is my favorite golf company thing

Marshall Halpin says:

Haha he said “Even if that physically does nothing,” right to his face
after he tried to convince him it did

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