Cleveland Golf CG16 Irons

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Cleveland Golf CG16 Irons reviewed by Mark Crossfield PGA professional AskGolfGuru. Mark hits the large headed golf club from Cleveland Golf. The CG16 irons are strong in lofts and long in length giving max distance for golfer who dont care what loft is on their irons. see if the Cleveland CG16 irons could help you play better golf today.

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brendos444 says:

Great point about the length and the lofts. At least Cleveland is honest
enough to stamp the lofts on the bottom.

JoeGolfKing says:

I’ve played that CG16 iron. It was really easy to hit.
I agree with Mark that the lengths and lofts are jacked up, but let’s face
it, every single clubmaker nowadays does the same thing, unless you are
playing “tour player’s” versions of clubs or Mizuno forged irons, and even
those have stronger lofts nowadays. 

Jeff Leathers says:

I always enjoy your reviews Mark and this is another good one. I agree that
a lot of the marketing and club design will be more psychological with
these clubs , but I think there is a degree of technology to take into
account with the 7 iron being similar in loft and length with many 6 irons.
Since these have the Zip Groove Technology, they will tend to spin the ball
more, thus creating a little higher trajectory. Since the trajectory is
increased, they needed to de-loft and lengthen them a little to keep the
distances from falling off.

B Jabs says:

Here are charts of the loft of every CG16 iron, along with some other
Cleveland irons. The CG16 lofts are strong across the board, even compared
to Cleveland’s other irons.

With a 44 degree PW, you may have to get a 48 degree gap wedge, which can
be difficult. You could just drop one more long iron than you’d usually
drop, and play with 4 wedges rather than 3. That would, in effect, shift
everything up 1 to their deserved #/loft combo.

Oliver Connolly says:

Your an idiot

Mulot03 says:

great videos Mark

I am a French week-end Glofer (13 hcp) , nobody’s perfect !!!..and you
videos are so great to learn about some stuff , technics etc.. and to
improve my poor English

many thanks to you ! (you’re very clear and so easy to understand !)
I am playing Mizuno MP 60 and looking for more improving clubs, even I
could be ok with my MPs when I am ok with my poor swing…
the MP Mizuno are great around the green, nice feeling and nice for

wram regards

Hdw1998 says:

Just bought these today over taylormade burners and nike slingshot

Robin Parsons says:

The thing about these club is, they make you feel like you can hit the ball
further than you ever have before. I was hitting 150 all day long with my 8
iron 135 with TM and so you try to hit it even further again then just to
see if you can hit like the pros, but these clubs have such weak shafts
that they can`t take the pounding you soon brake one. Anyone thinking of
buying these should maybe think of an alternative

Michael Sutton II says:

Whats your natural shot shape Mr. Crossfield ? …

JMRTNG says:

Every time that add comes in I think someone is walking into frame…

Richard Gill says:

Mark, I would be interested in putting a GI club versus a player club on a
launch monitor. I’d like to see two clubs with identical lofts and shafts
tested for ball speed and distance. I’d be curious to see if the same club
head swing yields extra ball speed just because of the GI heads. Get some
real concrete evidence of it.

jartstopsign says:

They pull those cheap de-lofting/adding length gimmicks because the average
weekend golfer is oblivious to those facts. The weekend golfer see’s the 7,
not the 31 loft, and assumes the “technology” is working when they add 10
yards over their current 7 iron. It’s only the more serious player who
picks up on these gimmicks, and Cleveland marketing team clearly
understands that fact and will use it to sell more sticks.

Mark Crossfield says:

you might be surprised how much COG affects the ball flight, video on its
way soon I hope. Also if you believe in COG as a large aspect of launch
then do you believe in shaft flex to. Thanks for watching and great

William Johnston says:

would that mean a three iron has the loft of a two iron?

sidecar771 says:

The golf market is awash with vain half-wits. How often have you played a
daily fee round with someone who underclubs on every approach. You will
struggle to find any set where the PW is not really a nine. That’s just the
way it’s going to be.

Mark Crossfield says:


29jetspenshockey says:

r all cleveland irons have the degrees like that

aakohler1 says:

Hey Mark, very happy that you have started to review some Cleveland Golf
products. I must admit I am a little biased here because I play their clubs
exclusively, but Cleveland on their website do make it explicit that the
lofts are cranked, and I applaud them for putting the loft on the bottom of
the club for everyone to see. Now as to the reason, I’m not entirely sure,
I tend to prefer ” ’90s ” lofted clubs myself, but my guess is for CG
compensation. Great Video!

Robin Parsons says:

Hi Mark, another great video review. I bought a set of these almost maybe a
year ago with regular flex and as a high handicapper I thought these clubs
were great at first. However after 2 months of good use my 8 iron shaft
totally snaped under the grip in between my left and right hand I think
these shaft are very cheap and usless and people should be aware that they
are buying crap. I`ll stick with TM I think you can`t really go wrong.
Great vids Mark keep em coming

Tommf97 says:

Hey Mark, I’m 15 about a 12 handicap but I’m not a very good putter. I
played 3 over on my par 3 last week which should have been 2 under (bad
putting). I’m quite a good ball striker with my irons but I’m looking to
get new ones (I’ve been using graphite Lite flex which are too weak now,
98mph driver swing speed) Would these be a good choice for me? Also what
flex shaft do I need with a 98mph swing(driver) Thanks a lot! Tom

Zone101 says:

Thanks for reviewing this CG16, appreciate it. Would you compare it to the
Ping K. These are the two I am choosing from. Thanks again.

Joe Higgins says:

It shows the loft so they are not trying to pull the wool over anyone’s

Callum1471 says:

Great review, enjoyed the watch! In answer to the loft/numbering….I just
bought a set of these and I think because the head is so big, and the base
is thicker than other clubs this pushes the centre of gravity down the face
and puts more weight underneath the ball; which will increase the height
when striking. Going from hitting my old 6 (my favourite club) to the CG16
7, while the loft on the clubs is the same (or very similar) the flight
path on the CG16 7iron was much higher, but same carry

hfuyuo says:

Your an idiot what does it matter- if it’s a good club to hit with who

Jordan Stirrat says:

Maybe it has 7 on the club because it will go higher than normal 6 irons.
So they put 7 on the bottom. Alot of clubs have lower number to make it
look like you are hitting further not just cleveland. But this might not be
they case as they do go high.

Nathan Little says:

Great video mark i watch everyone you post.i am interested in buying the
jpx 825 pros but im not sure how much better they are then they 800
pros.can you compare the jpx 825 pros with the 800 pros

MrChipsHD says:

Getting these Irons soon, My 7 Iron broke in half yesterday so Im going to
buy an Individual CG16 7 Iron and if I find it nice to hit i will get the
Set 🙂 Once again Nice Review i love watching these!

Mark Crossfield says:

a bit of both really

hertsman10 says:

Unfortunately taylormade also run this nonsense with the rbz irons, once
one starts they will all follow eventually!

dmcsnow18 says:

Cleveland would be a brand that I would have tried in the past when
replacing irons but the zip grooves on the irons ruin it for me. The only
club I would want milling on is my lob wedge. I hope they go away from this
in the future.

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