Cleveland Golf MT 588 Irons

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Cleveland Golf MT 588 Irons reviewed by Mark Crossfield PGA professional AskGolfGuru. Mark hits the Cleveland MT 588 irons and talks about how the new 588 family of irons could help your golf game. The medium launch 588 irons can be mixed with the other 588 irons for the best distance and launch angles for your ball flight.

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Simon Hudd says:

I’m a 10 handicapper with aspirations to go much lower, and have always
been quite long with my irons. Went for a custom fit at Cleveland expecting
to buy the 588 CBs but on an analysis of my swing found that my attack
angle was very steep and was losing a lot of potential carry. Despite my
pride and ego I agreed to try the MTs. In quite still conditions I gained
20 yards of carry with the 6 iron. The flight was much higher but still
penetrating, and the forged face still made for great feel and a superb
sound. I bought the 5-PW set but have since added the 3 and 4 iron. Great
clubs (for my swing type)

Stanters1967 says:

Lyle – I play 4&5 MT and 6-PW TT and a few weeks in I can say that it’s a
super solid set up. The TT is a nice mix of feel and control and the MT is
very easy to hit in the long irons. All strong lofts though so get your
wedges in line with a 44^ PW. Defo try and find some to demo if poss but if
not I doubt you’ll be disappointed, these are excellent bats.

itubeutude says:

top line too chunky.

James Parker says:

I went and tested these after your review, they’re horrible

Ray M says:

Nice video. A lot of love for the new shoes. Lol

derenton89 says:

mark, what shoes are you wearing there?

C Rennehan says:

Quite a few pros on tour have these in the bag in the 2i, 3i, and even 4i

Geofferlyhills says:

if i’m not mistaken it’s the new mizuno’s

warmtoast1 says:

Hi mark. Can you give us a video tour of your shop?

Judge Smails says:

Thanks for the review! I have been waiting to hear your thoughts on this
one. I’m re-tooling the whole bag and thinking of a combo with these and
the TT’s. Any chance you will be reviewing the TT’s in the near future?
Thanks again for all the hard work!

Tim Dixon says:

Any plans to test Clevelands fairway woods?

Judge Smails says:

Thanks for the feedback!

Anders Lundströms says:

Hi Mark, please do a review on the Cleveland 588 TT irons.

duncstable says:

cleveland wedges pls

Geofferlyhills says:

a full set of hybrid irons, they should do something to stop this trend…

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