Cleveland Golf Returns

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The return of Cleveland Golf to the full lineup of club lines brought 2 new sets of irons. The CBX set and the Launcher HB set and both are getting really good reviews so far. THP TV sat down with some of their R&D team to discuss both sets, as well as the return of Cleveland Golf.

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Obed Torres says:

Completely agree that there is a place in the market for these products. Hope they are accessible to demo. Glad to have Cleveland back releasing a full line

joshmorg says:

I could easily see myself gaming the Launcher HB next season. Not a lot of golf left in my season up here with winter approaching. Maybe a nice Christmas present for myself!

Eric Awtry says:

The CBX may be a perfect iron for where I am going in my game. I am trying to get things back on track and have always erred to the side of players iron. Need to give these a look along with the other GI irons I am considering.

Scott Kefalas says:

I think Cleveland is smart with the target groups they are going after in their return into iron sets. I think a combo set of HB in 4 – 6 and CBX in 7 – P would be quite intriguing.

THP Golf TV says:

Which set do you think fits you better?

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