Cleveland Golf Tip #1: Putting

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jaxfl2 says:

I don’t agree. This is the basic problem with the traditional putting
stroke. It’s better to focus on the target throughout the putting stroke.
Would you look at the trigger when shooting a gun? Does a pitcher look at
the ball when he’s trying to hit the strike zone? So why is golf different.
I’m currently the #2 putter in Florida. I face the hole, focus on the
target and putt with one hand. Click my name to see how it’s done and how
well it works.

UKRfootball4life says:


damvid21 says:

@jaxfl2 Shooting and baseball are completely different, you are in contact
with a trigger and baseball so do not need to look at them. With a
football/hockey puck however, you absolutely must look at the ball/puck
before striking in order to connect correctly. Golf is no different.

Eric Leung says:

why dont u show us some demo?

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