Cleveland Launcher HB Irons Review

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Cleveland Launcher HB irons review from PuttsAround! See if the Launcher HB irons can improve your game.

The Cleveland Launcher HB irons has a “post-modern” look. The Hi-Bore crown reduces the the weight and places it low and back for better launch and trajectory. The flex fin technology allows more energy to be transferred to the ball, increasing distance. The high strength steel face insert gives the club large sweet spot and faster ball speeds. See David's honest review of the new Cleveland Launch HB fairway wood, supported by real ball data and on course testing.

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Owen Oiffer says:

Definitely considering the questions are 1. stick with the 4 & 5 irons or go with the HB hybrid 2. What is your thoughts on a split set with CBX Irons. Would love to hear your take on this. 60 years old 13 index struggling from 100 yards in

Ken Royal says:

Enjoyed this review, as well as your excitement in sharing. Subscribed! Thanks!

askmehow702 says:

Are these clubs rebranded 588 altitudes?

orangeross says:

Hi Dave,nice review,I have a set of Cleveland Hi-Bore 2 irons that I love but is it worth spending the money on these?? Are the substantially better than the previous irons to justify the £600(UK) cheers.

Don Harrold says:

Just got a set of these. They look pretty ugly in the advertising pictures which don't really do them justice. In the flesh they actually look ok. Easy to hit, long, high and straight. I feel these would be fantastic for a lot of golfers of all abilities.

NeedaBoom says:

Great review Dave! Haven't seen a ton of reviews on these irons. Very impressive performance.

Roger Savard says:

You are killing this iron !:) It'd be nice to know how well you hit the 4i ! … Definitely worth the try. I'd game the 4i I think.

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