Cleveland RTX 588 Wedges

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Cleveland RTX 588 Wedges reviewed by Mark Crossfield PGA professional AskGolfGuru. The Cleveland 588 wedges have been used by many major winners over the years and the RTX Rotex wedge is a classic looking high spinning wedge for golfers looking for real control.

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metamurph says:

Would agree with your general assessment of it is feel, look etc when it
comes to wedges but I think spin wise rooted, new pings, etc the real game
come in hitting from rough that is where you want to launch monitor not the
mat. The other thing I have seen is the mizuno/cleveland/other forged
wedges wear faster. You hit a lot of shots, tend to be steeper, bunker work
etc. My vokey and ping wedges seem to last longer.

Dan DeLave says:

I have loved my Vokey wedges. When my first wore out I got another.
Recently tried the Cleveland RTX 588 2.0 at a demo. I am waiting for
delivery. I like it very much.

Koos du plessis says:

I have a Reg 558 56 Cleveland in my bag around the greens cannot ask for
better. My handicap was cut from a 21 to a 16 in 3 months because my short
game had improved so must. From about 50 to 60 meters from the green and
also short chips it has really worked for me .Am enjoying the game even
more now. 

Johnathon Gray says:

sold… currently using the vokey 60* and love it but my new set of irons
has left me a gap from 48-56 this looks like a great contender 

Florentin Kotzler says:

Bought a 50-10, 54-12 and a 58-8 today; they perfectly match to my new
rocketbladez tour 47° pw which I bought today as well in the whole set up
to the 4i. I hit them on FlightScope and the numbers weren’t the truest
really but just the way they felt hitting into a net told me that they
gotta spin massively. Curious on wearing them in on the range tomorrow. ;)

buzzduzz123 says:

put these in the bag friday, next day shot 4 under, best score I’ve had in
a competition. great club

sean hen says:

Can you do a review of SCOR wedges?

oliver payne says:

I have this wedge it is the best

2468Bubbly says:

This is a great wedge the best on the market but be aware they dont last
long because they wear very quickly.

rllindquist says:

Mark, I’ve read/seen some reviews by individuals who claim the durability
of the 588 RTX suffers. Particularly the sharpness of the grooves over
time. Have you heard or experienced this yourself?

Terry P says:

Have got black colour 50 degree…feels nice when you hit it but as for
more spin..not sure..also have a 52 Nike which seems to spin more..also
used a Titleist vokey..all very nice wedges…can’t go wrong with any of

David Glass says:

they’re unbelievable!

David Glass says:

Just bought the black pearl version looks amazing! seeing increased spin,
but i did refine my technique feels incredibly soft great club!

Oye Pyo says:

got the 588 RTG oil can color at 60 degree with 6 degree bounce. tried it
out and love it. fantastic for shots 20 yards and in to the green which is
too far for putting from or a less lofted wedge. very good feel and
similar to my Vokey 56 degree sand wedge from Titleist.

Mark Crossfield says:

Cleveland 588 rtx wedges reviewed by Mark Crossfield

shredx81 says:

Have had a black 588 60 wedge for a year or so. Love it. Cleveland make
great wedges. More recently bought an RTX 52 with the CB & enjoyed it at
first, but now find it a pretty unforgiving club. Just doesn’t feel anyway
near as soft as a blade wedge. Almost feels like you have to hit it out the
middle to avoid hurting your hand. Pretty crap investment if i’m honest.

TheHabiat says:

hey mark, can you please review the new nike wedges and the difference
between the three sole grinds? thanks


yeah this would be really nice to see the difference

jon walsh says:

Hey everyone! I sent my swing into mark through the app but whether he
chooses to air it is probably pretty slim. But I posted my swing on my
channel if anyone would like to go check it out and give me some feedback
that would be awesome! Thanks guys 🙂

airwolf911turbo says:

the main difference for me is the shape if you like more a straight leading
edge then go for vokey but if you want a more rounded leading edge most
clevelands will be perfect

Justin Martin says:

in Australia they come standard with a tour concept shaft by dyanamic gold.
The shaft has a higher kick point which is spose to lower the ball flight.
When i hit the wedges the difference for me was marginal. My vokeys fly
pretty low allready and i was wondering if the shafts did actually lower
the flight for Mark? Obviously however if they come with stick s200’s the
point is mute. s2’s are too weak for me, even in a wedge where it doesnt
make that much difference.

MacroFitness says:

Best wedge on the market

Number9773 says:

He’s obsessed with mizuno and there absolute rubbish

Frazer Anderson says:

Mark, could you do a review of the cleveland 588 RTG (raw tour grind)
wedges. I have 2 normal 588’s in the bag terrific clubs but thinking about
adding a lob wedge to the quiver.

bosevelt says:

The black pearl 588 rtx is in the bag!

3rdgroove says:

Well, I give you that Crossfield doesn’t sound as perky and excited as in
his earlier videos. However, he hammers out 2 videos a day. He’s developed
a routine, and if you don’t like it than don’t watch it. 🙂 What I like
about his reviews is, that I feel he gives me his honest opinion. And what
I like even more is, that he calls marketing BS when he sees it. Where else
do you find anybody like that on the web?

Evan Bennett says:

I LOVE practicing my short game… I’ve honestly spent 3 solid hours at the
range just hitting all sorts of quirky little shots and putting 🙂

Seistrup9 says:

It has bounce.

Stacey Burgoyne says:

Hey Mark, love the videos. I was wondering if you might do an in the bag
2013? Thanks

BMWg84 says:

I still use my Cleveland CG14 wedges. I will buy an extra set if I find them

Justus Seiber says:

Could you do a RTX 588 and 588 forged comparison? Loved the vid. Have this
wedge in the black nickel finish, 60*/12* bounce, absolutely love it.

Seistrup9 says:

Hi Mark, I’m loving the wedge as well. Looks stunning The thing about the
new grooves is, that Cleveland changes the tool that makes grooves after
every single wedge, which ensures consistant and equally deep grooves on
every single wedge. That’s basically the trick. Also, every new club from
Cleveland comes with a big range of shaft options, WITHOUT upcharge.
Project X has upcharge, but that’s it. It’s brilliant! One concern though.
You can not choose a specific grind on the wedge, a real shame

VaughanGolf says:

Got the MPT4 i would die bofore i let someone take them. I hate mizuno on
principal but they were to good and they won me over

Ryan Evans says:

They all have relatively the same performance. You can’t go wrong with any
of those companies, choose what looks/feels best to you and provides the
loft/bounce options that fit you set. I kind of hate questions like

Seistrup9 says:

This Wedge is with a standard Dynamic Gold Wedge Flex (s200). Every new
Cleveland wedge on the European Market is. Unless you obviously ask for
something else.

itsleonshuffler says:

im pretty sure it is cast, but forged face

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