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CLEVELAND TFI 2135 SATIN PUTTERS reviewed and tested by Mark Crossfield during his time in the States last year. See what these new putters from Cleveland golf are all about and how they could help your alignment with a idea around design. The face also has an interesting idea to help you hit the putts with some improved distance control.

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beebs599 says:

I've been using a Cleveland classic collection 1 for the past 5 years or so, I try new putters out quite a bit but continue on with my Cleveland

n3qdz says:

To be quite honest, I didn't know that Cleveland made putters. Love their wedges and drivers have not played their iron thing but putters…….. hhhhhmmmmmm I think I have to look for them. The local sporting goods store (Dicks) I don't think stock them. I will make a special to look at their putters. Thanks Mark cheers brah.

Curtis Polysou says:

There's no better value in the putter game than the Cleveland line up.

Robert Salazar says:

good review, nice to see you sinking them and they are priced well!

Rick Mccraw says:

Nice putter but i just saw yours….Throws me a bit

Paul K says:

Nice review, been waiting to see this range for a while. Are you able to do the 2018 Wilson Infinite line too? can't find a review on them anywhere

Col Br says:

Putter has been good to me, would just feel like i had cheated on her if I tried another..___

yousaidwinglikeabirdswing says:

Not used a cleveland putter in year but these do look good. I did a huge putter search and test 2 seasons ago and got an Odyssey MXM no9 33 and a half if shaft and it seems to work very well though

Matthew Baker says:

I have a Cleveland classic 5 putter had it for 10 years not sure I will ever change it!

Daniel Mills says:

have you seen the new 2 x 4 from wickes… I reckon you would probably hole just as many with it!lol

James Gibson says:

Mark I absolutely love these putters but naffed off to my back teeth they are not made in left handed. I was that impressed I almost bought it in right hand. Do me a favour and put a fly in their ear on that one

Anthony Jones says:

I use a Cleveland classic number 10 collection, mid mallet had it a few years now I love the weight and feel of it

Les Blair says:

Didn't know you putted that well…?

Misc Ellaneous says:

I got a Cleveland classic putter new for 40 quid and haven't looked back. Love it for the price.

Scott Harrison says:

I play one of the original 2135 putters (Cero model). Very easy to putt with. Great quality product for the money. There might be "better" putters out there but nowhere close to the price point these sell at.

Brutus ofTroy says:

surprised no one has mentioned Titleist yet…

point defense says:

Never tried but definitely wanting to now as I love a putter that pulls off soft feel with a metallic face and not a urethane insert

Isak Lundström says:

I use the first generation 1.0 TFI putter. It's fantastic! Recommend for everyone.

krusher74 says:

Isn't that face milling evnroll's main pitch, patent?

Jon Todd says:

Mark, I think you need to sack off the scotty the way your holing putts with the clevelands.

Rich maine golf says:

I’ve used a Cleveland classic 3 for a few years now changed the standard grip to a super stroke fatso and took a bit of length off it and I love it!

pwillemsen1000 says:

I went for a putter fitting session earlier this month which took about 1.5 hours. I was expecting them to recommend me a bettinardi putter, however the fitter found that the best match for me was a Cleveland Huntington Beach 6c model. Excellent value for money, top notch quality for a very reasonable price. Impressed that they didn't sell me the most expensive putter, but the one that suited me the most.

Dean Oakley says:

I use the Cleveland Huntington Beach #1. I love it as it looks beautiful, feels great (so soft, as you mentioned) and for the price, there's just no comparison. Actually gaming it over my Scotty.

busa89 says:

I bought last years model with the copper face. No complaints

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