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Club face vs swing path. In this weeks Impact show PGA Professionals Piers Ward and Andy Proudman discuss what is more important, club face or swing path.
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Skip Lee says:

2:14…..theres got to be a more comprehensive language and demonstration……

Tyler White says:

If I’m driving it straight down the fairway and it takes a hard turn right, that would most likely mean I had a 0 degree club face and I’m probably too over the top correct?

hustlr23 says:

I think these 2 statements are true, maybe you can help :  True or False?

In order to hit a draw your path HAS to be inside to out.
In order to hit a fade your path HAS to be outside to in.

Can you guys talk about and maybe diagram what some of the shot shapes look like. push vs pull and then all the variations you add when the ball is spinning either left or right. How many yards does a ball move off center before you cant really call it a draw anymore and its now a hook. Or how many yards off center line does a cut or can a cut move before its considered a slice or push.

Also can you guys do a video about the different kinds of releases through impact.  I've been told and seen many different things.  Forearm rotation vs feeling like the club head is passing the hands at impact using your wrists.

Jamel Mc says:

you guys are pure awesomeness, really helped stepping my game up. thanks

91ajv says:

That's for the info. Could you check my channel 91ajv my swing and if it's been corrected? Thanks your guys are helpful

Zachary Warner says:

I would just like to say that I think you guys are awesome. Ive watched a lot of your videos, I'm an aspiring professional golfer with a scratch handicap. I found a lot of useful tips to make my game more consistent based on your videos and I think you guys have alot of great videos and know what you're talking about. Thank you for making my game a lot more consistent and fun as well

Korya Iine says:

Kind of random: ever since I started golf about two months ago, I've been watching your videos back and forth. At the range today, these two senior men came up to me and asked me how many "years" I've been playing. "Only ten times on the range." They said my swing was really nice, and I'd like to thank you, M&MG, for that. But there's one thing: my left elbow tends to bend around the 3/4 area or past ;/ Gotta fix that to stay connected. Cheers mates!

kevin owens says:

hello guys i'm struggling with brushing the floor on my practice swing can you help me thanks.

Martin Vermeulen says:

Great video guys. May I ask, do you ever recommend a starting setup with slightly open face to someone that always hooks/over draws the ball? My natural path is a draw and I seem to be hooking many of my iron shots. Should I try to start my setup with a slightly open face, or should I focus more on my swing path? (i.e. try to get a neutral path rather than the in-to-out path?)

Matt says:

I fell asleep last night with one of your videos playing on TV and obviously it kept autoplaying all of them. Woke up at about 8 am to a Piers close up. Scary alarm clock.

ouodo says:

Really great video guys, this should be on your front page.

SeaDa says:

Quite misleading really. You dont want people to be thinking about their wrist position that much when they swing through. That causes timing issues that leads to inconsistency. Good grip and rotation (which creates path) is key here (for consistency).

Kevin mc donnell says:

really not sure about this. With all due respect; neither the face nor the path is king, it's the relationship of the two which is king, thinking about the face in relation to your target line really doesnt work if you dont relate the face to the swing path and STARTING line.

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