Club Speed or Ball Speed?

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Jack Bado explaining why you often see ball speed instead of club speed and how you might be able to optimize your ball speed.


Kevin says:

Is SWING Speed the same as CLUB speed? For example, if I use a swing speed device (that attaches to my club), will that match a club speed number on a trackman (that does not have a monitor on the club).

Does that make sense?

chase hancock says:

Makes sense. I’m at 125 to 130 club head speed but I’m hitting spiny drivers. I mean they still carry 270 to 290 but I need help.

Kate Burton says:

excellent video, many thanks
can you explain smash factor please? And what to look out for?

jukkajok says:

Great compact explanation!!

Andree Burtt says:

Would you comment about having club path and club face nearer to zero (to avoid a glancing blow) apply to lower club speed also. Or do golfers with low CHS (say amateur ladies) need the draw to maximize distance?

B B says:

Wouldn’t Bryson want to hit up on his driver at 4.8 degrees for maximum efficiency?

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