Coach Lockey Golf Lesson Update

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Coach Lockey Golf Lesson Update with Mark Crossfield PGA professional AskGolfGuru, Mark talks with Matt Lockey about how the changes to his golf swing are going and what results he is having with the new golf swing. Watch this golf video and see if Matt is still making the changes to help him with his launch and direction of his tee shots. Play your best golf with Mark Crossfield's simple and easy to understand golf videos.

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Dana Patelzick says:

I took lessons for a while but it would never stick. My ball striking
would be fine at the end of the lesson but not the next day. I never had
the “try for this feeling” thing to keep me on track. I got a book and
followed that and definitely got better except for my driver. For the
driver Lockey’s previous lesson helped a lot. 

Riley Cooper says:

Nice video!

ND Hickman says:

You’re both dressed the same … who do I unfollow?

kalazcze says:

Eye openning video. 

Lee (formerly Cahnt) says:

wow, meandmygolf have been out-camped!! i’d have thought that was
impossible, but clearly not!

Frank ter Beek says:

You don’t have the same caps….couldn’t agree on the color (LOL) ?
keep up the good stuff !

gitesh chauhan says:

hi Mark. Great update.
I have not seen a video on Approach shot to the green and what you should
do to ensure you hit greens every time. ie distance, club choice and swing
tempo, etc.
I think most golfers will benefit from this.


trojan615 says:

Where is the link to the first lesson mark ?

Stephen Butler says:

Thought i was watching MeAndMyGolf for a second #TeamUniform 

Owain Rhys Price says:

Really interesting. Do u have this feeling with just driver or all clubs??

Ian Simcox says:

The thing I take from this is that Matt is, like Mark says, a really good
golfer even though he has a very unreliable driver. If he can be a pro with
a wayward driver then there’s no rush for me to lose my 3 wood off the tee.
17 hcp gives me ages before the lack of a driver hurts me.

orientalmuffin says:

With the matching clothes, I thought I accidentally logged onto the Me and
My Golf channel. Btw Mark – speaking of meandmygolf….how come you
haven’t taken up their recent Tuesday challenge of keeping the golf ball up
with a golf iron between two players?

Ian Blackburn says:

P.s. Par was 69

Lewis Curry says:

Apple store golf Guru!. Great stuff. Keep it up mate. Loving the vids and
learning a lot from them. Very helpful.

sean hen says:

Fighting similar things on my lessons my hips were moving first all my
power was comming from my right side. So my thoughts are feet in concrete
and drive through the left shoulder from the top of the back swing. Its

Philip Nye says:

Wow we are matching today haha

David Simmons says:

Mark kindly answered my question ref regripping during backswing,
6 Months on MAN!! it’s so easy to slip back into old habits.
Need to keep working hard. Cheers Guys. 

MpHour says:

The clothes make you look like MeandMyGolf

9tube1 says:

It’s the golf twins…just kidding…great video as always. I’ve been using
the “left pocket higher” swing thought which coach Lockey used in his swing
and it has been helping me on the range. Can’t wait for the snow to go away
and get back out there.

Ian Blackburn says:

Guys great vid. Looking forward to the driver fitting vid!!! P.s. I won my
first ever golf comp on sat, felt great. Was a greensomes comp. me with 21
my mate 12 (16 combined). I feel like I unlocked something in my irons
swing and hoping to see the hcap drop (target 15 this year). We scored 76
nett 60 so naturally very pleased. Great format if you tend to duff a drive
and your partner booms one down the middle 😉 using winnings for driver

golfninja says:

+Mark Crossfield +Coach Lockey Good to see the update guys, interesting to
see how ‘coach’ is working through it. Really interesting that a knock on
effect of the changes for more +AoA appears to be that Matt’s now ‘freer’
through impact & visually it looks as if it’s unlocked a little bit more
club head speed too. Creating a new ‘secret weapon’ (+Coach Lockey) for any
upcoming pairs challenges !!! 🙂 Could make it bit more difficult MC in the
singles match vlogs when the changes bed in ;)

unrealauthenticity says:


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