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In this video PGA Professional and American Golf custom fitter Nick Taylor reviews the latest Cobra irons the Forged TEC black in ONE length. Nick tests the 9 iron, 7 iron and 5 iron for distance, launch and spin.

G700 iron review:

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Martin Aitchison says:

Sold! Do you think these would suit a high hc or low bud

Milan Boskovic says:

How does the club head speed changes this drastically from 5 iron to 9 iron? Considering these are same length shafts and weight is pretty close.

Palash Chavan says:

Is that explosive sound coming from the club or is it just the setup? I've got the Psi tour and they are just dull looking to switch to these thanks

Jay Chizza says:

I basically typed the title of this video in YouTube search yesterday and it did not come up. Then, it pops in my feed today. Glad it did.

daniel martinez says:

Why does it say American Golf in background and the guy sounds like he's from bloody England eh…lol. Anyways, I'm thinking about ordering the clubs but not the one length. I've always have had contacted clubs and these ones seem to be legit

matty burrows says:

not like the old forged one lengths..these all have different lies..which means a different swing for each club..deafeats the object of the exercise..this is because people moaned about the old ones..because they were stupid and were still putting the ball in a different place for each club..well you aint meant to do length, one lie, one swing plane, same bastard ball position..these are all WRONG

martin hastie says:

Nice review, so far the only one to review the cobra black tecs. Well done.

Moo Trail says:

Adding Ones, one by one. Curious why your club head speed is higher with the 5 and lower with the 9 compared to the 7. Shouldn't the swing speeds be identical, given the same length shaft?

TD Kane says:

I guarantee you the long irons are heavier than the short irons. F=ma

Kevin Berry says:

Great review nick. Should do a video of gaping between each iron. Be interesting to see becoz looking at specs of irons in shorter irons 5 degrees gaping but in long irons between 4-5 iron only 2 degrees, 5-6 iron 3 degrees and 6-7 iron 5 degrees. Interested in irons but specs kind of putting me of as gaping in long irons seems worryingly small to have decent gap between irons what u think nick. Maybe worth doin a video to show results of 4 to pw

Christopher LaFreniere says:

The AMT Tour White is also a progressively weighted shaft that matches the head. AMT (Ascending Mass Technology). It's the stock shaft for the Forged TEC Black.

Steven Legg says:

Take them on the course would be interesting to see. Keep up the good work.

Jeff Boothman says:

To me it seemed you just proved one length does not work. When you look at the ball flight the 5 iron never got to a playable flight it’s not high enough couldn’t hold a green.

Wayne Brindley says:

Fantastic looking irons.

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