Cobra King F7 ONE LENGTH Irons – Amateur Golf Club Review

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In this video Pete and Wayne get special permission to do an Amateur Golf Club Review on the COBRA KING F7 ONE LENGTH irons!! As used by Bryson Dechambeau. The idea with these clubs is that as they are all 7 iron length, you use a single swing to hit all of your irons. All the same swing! Single length irons, surely thats cheating?

These irons are not available to buy until Feb 2017.

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Matthew Delsignore says:

did u play any actual rounds with these clubs? comments ???

Sodthong says:

Just buy the 4 iron..

Rolland Hawkins says:

If you want full benefit of one length irons you should pair it with a single plane swing. I made my own set and found it is more single lie. Single length just naturally follows. Single plane at address is fully extended just as you would be at impact, no need to create extra room in the down swing. I am on the short side so fully extended 23* lie flushes the iron sole. As I said being shorter than average I play 1" short in length 35.5". All irons are that lie and length. Lofts are because I incorporated a 9 iron that couldn't changed, going with the 5* separation model of Cobra – PW 46*, 9i 41*, 8i 36*, 7i 31*, 6i (actually a 5i) 26* and my trusty 22* 4 hybrid. If you were paying attention you noticed the 1* added separation made room for another club in my bag. The accuracy and dispersion with one plane, lie and length were amazingly improved. Not bad for an on the cheap DIY one length iron set. I bought one iron a $20 8i clone. Paid $4.99 for bending 4 irons and cut to length, regripped all clubs while reshafting the clone myself all with on hand product.

icu Rad says:

I have the 1ion set of one length for 3yrs now I get better accuracy but as you may have seen, from the pitch to 7 is more yards and the 6-4 progressively less distance than my Taylor made R7'You feel like and your brain tells you you have to hit the 5-3 irons much harder to get the distance your use to. Which doesn't help your swing stay smooth and constant, which is what single length irons are promoting.

matty burrows says:

one length irons have been out for over 20 years..

ticleve2 says:

Would you expect to get the same spin rate with these irons as you would get with the Cobra Forged One Length Irons?

E.L.Dorado says:

I have found that single length iron sets work great for half sets.I personally play the single length Sterlings in 5,7 and 9 irons and play standard length in a 50* and a 56* wedge.I get around 15 yards between clubs and change swing length if I need to take some yards off.
I won my league this year playing only 6 clubs (irons plus a 3 wood) and a putter and reduced my handicap from 10 to 5.5.
There is definitely something to say about simplifying things.

alfie adlam says:

These clubs go on sale 27th January not February American golf will have demos Saturday 14th January

Golf Fox says:

A club the length of a 7 iron
iron with the loft of a 5 iron! what an absolutely stupid fkin idea. Said now Taylormade club designers EVER! ?

Terry Young says:

Dude I just hit these clubs 2 hours ago. I'm buying them. Period.. I've been married to Nike for over 15 years. The Callaway XR Driver has me carrying the ball 280-300+ so bye bye Nike Driver. These same length irons are built for consistency and I'm banging the 5 iron over 205 carry while consistently hitting the 7 iron over 170 carry. I'm sold. I know it's all simulation but it's a wrap when I can get my hand on them in January. I have my $1k ready…

GJMarko8 says:

In the end if amateurs get better at their game with these clubs it only means more money going into golf. I guarantee many golfers have quit due to never truly improving over time when the average guy can get out maybe once a week, twice at most due to their schedule. It would be moronic for the PGA or any tournament sponsor to outlaw these clubs, in the end it would hurt the average guy more than it would ever hurt the pros. They want to make money, end of story and the more amateurs give these clubs a shot and their games improve even, by the slightest margin word will get around. In my opinion most guys hit their lower irons better than their higher and the easier you make it for them to hit the higher the more apt they are to improve and stick with the game longer and even help introduce younger players to the game.

mike drake says:

Great review, I am really interested in this idea, have you guys had a chance to try the Wishon Sterling one length irons ? I was wondering which would be better for a player with a driver club head speed 85-90 mph ?? Great job, would really like to hear your ideas on this.

Clay Nash says:

Check lofts guys. Thanks for the vid

Kurt Justin says:

Sterling has clubs of one length, like Cobras 7 iron length, so how bout a shootout, see which makers are an amateurs best bet to buy another set that will perform like we think we can…. so how bout it…Tom

Tim Williams says:

Looking at the gapping, the PW could add 3 degrees loft and maybe 7i could add 2 degrees of loft? Did you check them vs factory specs? I have some Taylormade that were off 2/3 degrees on a couple clubs from the store.

Vlaid65 says:

Enjoyable review, gents.

Rex Braggins says:

no guys they are not the first to release these . tom wisholm was and others before him have done it .

Holtii14 says:

how accurate was this because i noticed your swing speed was all over the place when really it should be similar for every club being one length and only the clubhead weight altering slightly

BBQ Sandwich says:

I have been playing them (Sterlings) for months. They take getting used to. Not something you will like right from the start or know if you like them by hitting them at the range. You have to play multiple rounds with them to understand them. And you have to play the entire set.

jules hughes says:

brilliant reveiw lads think I will be investing in a set I love the idea of one set up for all and only being 5 ft 7 I think the length would be perfect

matt dan107 says:

nice vid guys. pete u should stick them in ur bag for a round.

Raymond Yadusky says:

Your video would be better if you did something about the audio. You don't speak clearly and its hard to hear what your saying.

Terry Bergin says:

Impressed with your professional review of new pre-release clubs, and with the clubs. Strange how the only standard length club, the 7, didn't have the standard gapping. Check out Tom Wishon's website. He's a very experienced expert club designer and maker (also has one length irons) and gives great explanations of how various club designs work.

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