Cobra King F9 Speedback Driver | Gear Review | Golf Monthly

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► Joel Tadman tests the new Cobra King F9 Speedback driver using the Foresight Sports GCQuad launch monitor.

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Thiha Win says:

I use Cobra F6+ Pro, and BioCell Pro drivers as well as TaylorMade SLDR/R15. Also I own GC2 for my personal use as well. What bugs me with my Cobra drivers and your tests also show (as you are a good ball striker and hit above centre consistently) the smash factor are well below 1.5 or not even close to. I have seen it with all my Cobra drivers too. TaylorMade, even my SLDR/R15 has better smash factor than all my Cobra drivers. I am 2 HCap and swing speed above 110mph and to get max performance from Cobra drivers I set with weight fwd, and 'try' hit a high draw but the shot end up straight, high launch and low spin. I play with Cobra because it's hard to snap hook and keep the ball in play with good distance but again seem like this F9 is same with just 1-2mph extra club head speed gain. Not sure Cobra quality control is as good as Taylor Made and many test you see on YouTube testing with good low handicapped players not getting close to 1.5 smash factor. Could be that new balls needs to be hit harder for better compression (better smash factor/COR) at pro club head speed but then again, as I recall, COR of drivers are tested around 110mph anyway!? Something Cobra needs to address I believe with better design.

Aart van der Molen says:

Do you get a set of spare weights (4 -6–8-10 grams) with the driver so you can tweak the ball flight and spin yourself ? Idea for Cobra to help better golfers ?

Dim Willow says:

Worse ballspeed compared to your Callaway/Taylormade video.. which seem to come from worse smash factor..which is a bit strange because you hit it good.


But you were swinging the Epic Flash even faster a few days ago, bit confused as to the aerodynamic positives given to the cobra , when you were swinging faster and generating higher ball speed with the Callaway?

Matt J says:

Great review and interceded in seeing some head to heads against the new £500 drivers !
Whilst there’s no fade option the shaft sleeve allows you to set the head to a draw bias I believe..

Chester says:

Very informative review and conclusion is much like a couple others I have seen – that this is a great driver from all aspects and at a price point that should make Callaway, TaylorMade, Titleist ,and others, think again about their inflated prices.  Plus if you don't like the yellow on the Cobra you can have white instead.

goodswen mark says:

ts3 t32 reco.mened retail 499 heavly discounted everywhere now

goodswen mark says:

much bettre swing than tappin

Simon White says:

Just like Bandit Baker, I’ve not had a driver I like anywhere near as much as my old non conforming Cobra. I shall definitely be trying this out as I definitely need to update this club.

James Lovering says:

I'm gaming the F8+ love it 🙂 !

Rick Gajewski says:

Great review thanks.

Bandit Baker says:

One of your best reviews Joel?
I still drool when I think back to my now non-conforming King Cobra, that was the best Driver Ever!
I must admit that I find the underside of the F9 hideous but the performance compared to the Price point makes it a very attractive offering against the Over Priced offerings from TM and Callaway! I really hope that Cobra has some success with the F9

Phillios R says:

Is the increase club head speed down to using a lighter shaft?

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