Compare Titleist T200 vs. 718 AP3 Irons | Trackman Testing & Comparison

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Description: The 718 AP3 was Titleist’s first true entry into the players distance iron category. So earlier this fall when Titleist released the new T200, which is also a players distance iron, many assumed that it was a replacement for or an updated version of AP3. But that’s not the case, as each of those irons features a completely different construction approach. That said, given that T200 and AP3 do both squarely reside in the aforementioned players distance category, it’s only natural that people are going to compare the two, which is why 2nd Swing staff members Thomas Campbell and Andrew Mahowald wanted to test them using Trackman 4 to explore the differences in look, sound, feel, and performance.

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A N says:

He' hitting it too hard.

Avengers: The Investing Initiative says:

90 club speed? Lol. I wonder how how far mine would go with my 110+ club speed.

Steez says:

I own a full set of AP2's which I love but I'm looking for some more help in my 4 and 5 iron (i have no intent to get rid of the AP2's I don't think it's worth it making a switch). Should I try and blend a AP3 or T200 in with my set? On paper it looks like the T200 will require 2 degrees or so of loft weakening, while the AP3's will only require 1 degree of weakening on the 5 iron and the 4 iron can stay – I believe that would leave me with 4 degrees between each club. So the loft of the AP3 makes more sense if it matters at all with bounce and what not, but on the other hand, the T200 may blend with my AP2 fit and feel more than the AP3.

Chewy V says:

I hate the look of the T-series irons they look just like the taylormade tour preferred irons so ugly

K TT says:

Would be good if you try this with a mid-handicap golfer.

jporter504 says:

Do you want to hit your irons far or fur? If it's far, then you want to hit them farther not further. Lol. TXG you are not but you both have outstanding swing speed so why not both try the cubs and present the data for us to evaluate.? If you need someone with a normal clubhead speed, give me a call. FYI, when it gets too cold in Minnesota to golf, come down to central Florida! Go Golden Gophers!

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