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I get asked the question “what to look at” all of the time. So I decided to do a video explaining it. Once you know what to look at, you can develop a consistent golf swing.

You would this what to look at would be pretty obvious but it isn't. Based on your skill level you look at different things. Beginners just need to consistently make contact with the ball so what they look at versus what a pro would look at are two different things.

So watch this tip so you know what to look at then try to do this the next time you practice so you can develop a consistent golf swing.

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malthuswasright says:

Really interesting tip. I try to look at the back of the ball but it's patchy. (BTW – can you remember the last time you topped a ball? Not being facetious – interested to know how many times it happens to a very good player.)

LeeseMedia says:

I like your tips.. need a tip to get rid of my clicking muscular problem lower left of back. Sledgehammer??

David Wangerin says:

As you advised here, I concentrate on making sure that the club face is square to the target line at impact and that my swing path is on line with the target. This has really helped me with my accuracy and subconsciously helps me to swing relaxed and tension free.

Shahid Khan says:

Thanks for sharing Paul

John Isaacs says:

Excellent advice as always. Keeping the eyes focused on the ball location after contact works for every club, even down to the putter. Folks may also discover, as I have, that remaining focused on the point of contact also improves tempo because it teaches patience. A half second delay to look up may not seem much like patience, but that split second of time makes all the difference in the world for consistent ball contact.

You're the greatest, Paul. My swing and game have improved tremendously in the few months I've been watching you. It's such a joy to finally UNDERSTAND the golf swing.

I'm still looking to buy one of your hats. Will you be selling them soon?

Gary Shearer says:

Golf is hard!

jp23baz33 says:

Even when I look at the ball I still don't see the club hit the ball.

Peter Ware says:

i love your easy to understand

Scooby Doo says:

Great lesson.

J PP says:

Played my best round of golf this year, last night. I'm working on a few things, but one BIG flaw lately, has been a fast and frankly, Sloppy take away. I slowed things right down and had a blast last night.
I finally got a little confidence back!
As for this tip, I would concentrate on a single ball dimple when I started training to keep my head down. Whatever it takes to keep your head down until lift off is the goal.
Thanks again for your tips coach, always appreciated ✌️

Shane Deel says:

Iv been working on my path. I’m definitely in th push fade section now

j t says:

Paul today i hit my driver so well, then next day its totally disaster like i am a beginner . what i notice is more on mental issue. if i am thinking so much issue outside golf my golf swing is greatly affected. do you agree with me? do you have this experience as well? thanks a tons for always sharing super great golf tips?

Rick Williams says:

Do you always set the center of the clubface at the center of the ball or favor toe or heal side sometimes for shaping shots? I remember my first few yrs as beginner I was always happy if I was just making contact and flying the ball. Nothing worse than topping and fatting shots that go nowhere.

Anthony J. Navarro says:

Appreciate all of your tips Paul, this has helped my game tremendously!

H says:

Paul what do you think of the body release vs hand release you advocate? What are the drawbacks to the body release? I am stuck as to which release is better.

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