Converting to the Single Plane Golf swing – free tips – Easier golf swing

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Converting to the single plane golf swing has never been easier. Free tips from long time SIngle Plane instructor. To learn even more visit our website at

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As a member to my website you are also able to submit your own golf swing videos of yourself doing the drills, and of yourself hitting golf shots. This is like an online golf lesson. We also have advanced golf drills which can be done on the driving range. Our system is the best online golf instruction that you will ever try. This is why we give you a 14 day free trial. We are certain you will see how great our drills are once you begin doing the drills. You can start as a free subscriber and learn the setup and drill number one for free, or the free trial membership which gives you access to all the golf learning drills. We also advise you on which golf grips to use, and the best golf training aids. Our video golf instruction is the best you will find whether you are a beginner, advanced player, pro, man, woman, junior, kid, you name it, we will help you improve. Just follow the video golf drills, and you will improve your golf game!

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chris edge says:

Hi from UK. Still at single plane a la Moe Norman. I don’t really have the
feeling of greatness I must admit but after seven weeks I am now pretty
confident of striking the ball right down the fairway & should I hit a duff
shot it is very unusual. Some shots tend to be better than others but my
game has improved enough for my partners to comment on the fact that my
game has dramatically improved- by nearly 10 shots actually. Really true &
this in spite of turning 70 on the past Xmas Day & having Parkinsons for
over 10 years . With Parkies the fewer moving parts the better, we can be
quite shaky at the best or worse of times. Anyone out there with with PD I
really recommend taking up Moe’s ideas & giving it a real good try. I
haven’t had such enjoyment from my golf for ages.Off to watch The Open on
TV now. Good health to you all. Chris

D Gale says:

do you have your hands farther away from the ball?

Ryan Smith says:

Good for beginning golfers. Way too much hand action in this single plane
swing. No right way to do it.

chris edge says:

Hi Kirk. Some months have passed since I started learning the single plane
swing & things are progressing nicely & it becoming a natural way to hit a
ball. I have a problem that is probably due to one fault. I think my stance
is ok & I am pleased with my backswing. I do have to watch turning my
wrists at the top of the backswing thus opening the club face. I do think
that my foreswing has a fault in that I tend to pull my short irons left
and my woods have a right hand spin that gives a slice just at the end of
the ball’s travel.Can you suggest thoughts or drills to ensure that my club
face is square to the line to eliminate this? I would be obliged for your
While chatting to you guys over the pond for Lord’s sake hope that Scotland
votes NO to breaking away from the UK. It will lead to great trouble & the
green fees will become very pricey indeed!! Have just come back from a
week at St. Andrews. Very enjoyable. Us English are not happy. Here’s
hoping Cheers Chris

Ryan Smith says:

” the hip move that most never seem to master ” 

vince guest says:

Is there a tour golfer anywhere on the planet who uses this method?Is the
only validation for teaching it Moe Norman?

chris edge says:

Hi Kirk. Hail from UK , come on Rory!!! Can I make some comments & see
what you & other guys think about my thoughts. After about 9 weeks I was
getting in a mess- a bit of a case of “paralysis by analysis”. I was just
beginning to get it sorted too. I could have cried when I just could not
get it right. I would play a few holes really well then went to pieces.
Yesterday I decided to abandon everything, throw caution to the winds and
thought I would go back to my old swing. While only scoring 27 points I hit
some stunning shots, esp with my short irons. Hitting really solid, right
out the centre of the club, that lovely feeling that we all know when you
get it right, but when I get to the longer clubs I am all over the place
and I am relying on a 4iron to drive and this is the longest club I can
trust, but a 5wood is not too bad either.I thought I had reverted back to
me old swing but during the round I noted that there were parts of the
single plane swing still with me, esp in the setup. I was subconciously
combining traditional methods with SPS withour really realising it. I took
very little time over setup and stance, just addressed the ball and swung.
I have noted that since I started to play golf I liked to start my swing
with a fairly firm forward press. I couldn’t do that with the full SPS
setup. Dunno why, just couldn’t fit it in but yesterday without doing too
much thinking I pressed, obviously got my hands in front of the ball, and
thus struck down on the ball with my shorter clubs. Now I can’t carry on
driving with a 4iron. Any suggestions to try to get back to my 3 wood?
Never use a driver, I could be dangerous with one!
One incidental, right at the start of doing the single plane learning I saw
that Moe used fatter grips. I altered my grips and using a tennis racquet
binding and tape.. I built my grips to about the thickness of a badminton
racquet( I was a badminton Ass. of England coach) so it felt familiar.
Best thing I ever did. The new grips feel very comfy and aid my hand
arthritis tho’ they are probably too fat for most.
Is it possible to just use bits of Moe’s ideas coupled with my natural
swing? After all we are all not built the same. Moe was a short man, I am
over 6foot. Sorry to rabbit on but what do you all think about it. I reckon
just walking up to the ball & hitting it is the best idea. Too much
thinking hurts my brain! Cheers Chris

Patrick Guy says:

Hi Kirk, at the end of your back swing is your lead hand flat or slightly
cupped? Also at setup is your lead hip set all the way forward or just
slightly? Thank you!

Jerry Goldberg says:

I have been playing Nat. golf for about 7 or 8 yrs. I find that I play
very good for a few holes than lose it . When I lose it the shots are weak
and fly high with poor distance. Your method of teaching is excellent but
different than the way I was taught by Natural Golf Instructors.
I think I am not keeping my head back, and my body is moving forward before
the hands and arms. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

chris edge says:

Hi.been single planing some 5 weeks & doing ok mostly. Don’t get it right
all the time. My main faults are twofold. First an absolute smothering
shot, very often over water so this may be just the bad mentals. but my
worst fault is that I drag the ball to the left while distance is fine,
especially with short irons. Give me the reason why & how to keep on
target. I will get it right even if it kills me!

chris edge says:

Hi Kirk. Videoed my swing yesterday & surprised myself. I do not seem to
cock my wrists on back swing but do not seem to lose distance. Any drills
to suggest?

Mike Nielsen says:

It seems that most teaching is about the arms being relaxed and hanging
naturally. When I raise my forearms I feel more rigid and have tension to
hold the arms up. How will I hit the ball farther with this extra tension?

mark baespflug says:

Hey Kirk,
What about club head lie angle ? with your hands raised up that much vs a
standard swing, it looks like it puts your club head in a more toe down
position at address and impact? Do you need irons with a more upright lie
angle for accurate shots with this swing? 

David James says:

Perfect Skills!!!!

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