'Correct Swing Feeling' Downswing Clock drill

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David Marchant says:

You must be good Steve , because I can’t even swing from the anticlockwise position. Sounds strange , but my swings improved by building in my biggest fault move ( I have quite a few ) into my pre-shot routine . Makes me more aware of right and wrong.
Anyway , it works for me.

Brett Karst says:

I like this drill… well done

allen burdett says:

wonderful exercise. think it will really help.

andy jervis says:

Great that steve I tend to hit over the top the faster I swing if that makes sense.

Brad Morris says:

The only thing I might add is to feel the elbow pull back at the same time the club is rotating back.

Niall Stark says:

Thanks for this Buzzman. Only tip that's ever worked for me to get me coming in more neutral and releasing the club. Top man!

Brentjr94 says:

Great vid Buzzman

Nigel Wadsworth says:

Great tip Steve. Can this be done with the driver also? Pretty sure I'm OK with irons but definitely sure I'm too steep with driver hence the slice….?

David James says:

Wow! I have always found it so difficult to "feel" the release of the club in the down swing. This drill really helped me feel the club release and truly swing. Now to try and get this feeling consistently with two hands on the club. Thanks very much indeed!

Eric Craig says:

Good demonstration Steve.

Gary Jones says:

love the tip buzza, will work on this. many thanks.

Mark Coyle says:

Buzza that is a great wee drill, I struggle with a lot with out to in swing . Hopefully this will help the more I practice??????

JWalk says:

I noticed that doing this drill clockwise, the club doesn't feel as heavy as when doing it anticlockwise

Chris says:

I struggle a lot with coming over the top / shallowing the club. Have read and watched so much about it that I feel like I know what I should be doing, but just can't physically do it when I'm stood over a ball! Will give this a try.


Cheers Steve great drill

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