Course Review – Trump International Golf Links

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► Golf Monthly's Neil Tappin travelled to Aberdeen to explore one of the world's most talked about new golf courses – Trump International Golf Links

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Memo Ramos says:

Not really I have worked at pebble beach and come check out golf course you'll be amazed

Houston Accies says:

He's English this is not your country.

Drackkor says:

Should be part of the Open. Thank you President Trump 🙂 Great course!

Houston Accies says:

I think this is the greatest course on earth, glad it's in the home of golf.

John Hennessy says:

Well, evidently the locals are snowflakes and don't deserve the course…. let's bulldoze it flat and open a land fill instead, all those spent hanky's must need buried….

Robert Page says:

How are the holes named? Impeachment Grove? Muller’s Dupe?

Mike Jarrett says:

Wouldn't play the place if you paid me. The man is a complete moron, and the way he treated the locals , he deserves nothing !

HoffTTM says:

"Review" lol

paid for fluff (as nice as the course may be)

Celeste Ryan says:

You scots should be ashamed throw Trumps fat ass out of your land. Shame on you puke on it

David Swanson says:

No matter who's name is attached to the course (or the shocking way his company treated the locals), Trump International has to be one of best courses in Europe, never mind Britain!!

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